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Top 6 most expensive weapons CS: GO only the "rich" can buy in 2017

2017-12-08 11:19:28 | csgo
CS: GO is a large playground for players who like to "show off" with countless rare skins hanging around. Take a look at some of the most costly guns in 2017 of this familiar video game.

Let's forget about the variations in skills in this game. At the very least, simply possess the following weapons, no matter how you shoot or how poor, but the opponent, even your teammates have to look at you along with another eye. There exists a certainty of jealousy and jealousy, as in the CS: PROCEED game, nobody is actually willing to own the expensive guns beneath.

Souvenir AWP: Dragon Lore, ~ dollar 4200 (10, 000 keys)

The purchase price of the Dragon Lore is up to $ 10, 000, and its souvenir edition also carries a non-cheap price, $ 4200, equivalent to 10, 000 keys. Are you inquisitive why prices are so high?

First of all, take a look at eye-catching and impressive visuals, as well as the distinction of this line of sight guns. And above all, this is a specially created product to celebrate the Dreamhack 2015 final between Natus Vincere and Team EnVyUs. On top of that, there's even the technical match of the MVP, Denis Koslin. Now you have to wonder about the price right?

AK-47: Fire Serpent, $ 3200

This costs three times more than a normal AK, that is all the players state about the price of AK-47 Fire Serpent. At $ 3200, you may also do a lot more.

But in fact, this is one of the items that CS: PROCEED hunters most thinking about the current time. Take this gun, you have not really shot have received the respect from the opponent and the team then.

M4A4: Howl, ~ $ 3700 (1500 keys)

The abnormally high price of this gun is due to the fact that it is no longer sold or dropped through CS: GO containers. In a simpler method, this gun was dropped from the publisher's side. And the rare players who own it, are becoming happier than ever in their hands as a treasure worth 1000s of dollars.

And remember, the famous red lion of the Howl M4A4 is one of the most attractive, as well as the most coveted game lover. Why is the price of this gun so very hot?

P90: Emerald Dragon, ~ $ 550

Artworks that are influenced and performed by Asians are often extremely eye-catching and impressive. Many people may believe that the Cheap CSGO Skins tattoos within the P90: Emerald Dragon look carefully nothing attractive, as well as elegant.

But it depends on the aesthetics of each individual. It is no chance that you have to spend more than 10 million VND for a virtual product like this. And you can purchase if you like right now, whenever its original price even up to dollar 1000 here.

AWP: Medusa, ~ dollar 1400

At the time of release in May 2015, the price of this weapon is only $ four hundred, but now, to own this, you have to spend up to $ 1400 there. How do you feel about this, as if you were scared by Medusa? Actually with eye-catching visuals, the AWP Medusa is well worth the price.

AK-47: The Empress, ~ $ 750

Another AK collection appears in this list. The AK-47: The Empress impresses with the color, and its eye-catching motifs. On the weapon body, a gorgeous golden-haired woman, beautifully created.

The product was additionally released during the CS: GO release in China last September. Depending on the level of appearance and preferences of every person, but dollar 750 to hear with this product, it seems a bit salty.
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