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The Performance Advantages Of MOSFET PrestoMOS R60xxMNx Series

2017-07-06 15:55:28 | 日記

The world's leading semiconductor manufacturer ROHM high-speed trr ※ 1 600V super-junction MOSFET PrestoMOS ※ product group and the new "R60xxMNx series", is ideal for low-power white goods and industrial equipment, such as motor drive. PrestoMOS is the industry's fastest trr performance power MOSFET, known for the industry's smallest switching losses. Because the inverter equipped with white appliances, lower power consumption and get highly acclaimed.

The "R60xxMNx series" has also successfully reduced Ron * 2 and Qg * 3 by optimizing the unique chip structure of ROHM and maintaining the PrestoMOS "high speed trr performance" feature. Thus, in the case of motor-driven applications such as inverter air conditioner, the power loss at light load is reduced by about 56% compared with the conventional IGBT, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Not only that, "R60xxMNx series" ROHM years of accumulated advantages of simulation technology, but also to achieve a super short circuit tolerance, to reduce the circuit malfunction caused by abnormal heat caused by the risk of damage, help to improve the application reliability.

This series of products in December 2016 began to produce 100,000 scale production volume, pre-production base for the ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka County, Japan), the latter part of the production base for the ROHM Semiconductor (Korea ) Co., Ltd. (Korea).

In the future, ROHM will continue to develop high-performance, high-reliability products that combine the advantages of ROHM analog design technology and continue to contribute to further energy savings.

In recent years, energy-saving trend is accelerating, with the Japanese energy law amendment, home appliances tend to use closer to the actual use of energy efficiency labeling APF (Annual Performance Factor) ※ 4, no longer just concerned about the power load larger equipment to start Time and rated conditions of energy saving, requiring less load of the normal operation of the more energy-efficient trend is growing. Allegedly, in the global electricity demand, nearly 50% is used to drive the motor, with the popularity of air conditioning in emerging countries, the global power situation year after year grim. In this context, ROHM developed PrestoMOS, very suitable for low-power-efficient air conditioning and other white goods and industrial equipment such as motor drive, can greatly reduce the application of normal power consumption, to meet the social energy needs.

Industry's fastest trr performance, low Ron, low Qg, helps to apply energy saving

General MOSFET with high-speed switching and low current range of the advantages of low conduction loss, the normal operation of the device can effectively reduce power consumption. "R60xxMNx series" using ROHM's unique Lifetime control technology, not only to maintain the industry's fastest trr performance, and Ron and Qg lower, very helpful to the energy-saving circuit.You can buy it from electronic component distributor.

Super short circuit tolerance, to ensure reliability

In general, in the event of a short circuit, that is, there is a circuit malfunction, a large current flowing beyond the design value, causing abnormal heat, and even the possibility of damage to the component. It has been very difficult to ensure superior short-circuit withstand capability due to the relationship between performance and short circuit, and the "R60xxMNx series" utilizes the advantages of ROHM's analog technology to the cause of thermal runaway - parasitic bipolar transistors Has been successfully optimized to ensure that the motor drive must be short-circuit tolerance, help to improve the reliability of the application.

Self-conduction loss is small

Self-conduction refers to the MOSFET in the off state, the high-side main switch once turned on, the low-side MOSFET drain-source voltage increases sharply, the voltage is the gate sensor, the gate voltage rise, MOSFET malfunction. This phenomenon causes the MOSFET to generate its own power loss. The "R60xxMNx series" by optimizing the parasitic capacitance, the loss can be controlled in a very small minimum range.

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