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The Functions Of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

2017-07-14 14:54:58 | 日記

Intel introduced the new Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Intel Xeon Scalable processors), to bring breakthrough performance, to help deal with a variety of operations for the desired computing capabilities, including real-time analysis, virtualization infrastructure, and high-performance computing. The launch of new products represents the most significant progress in the decade since the data center and network processors.

"Data center and network infrastructure are facing a significant transformation to support a variety of emerging usage scenarios, including precision medicine, artificial intelligence," said Navin Shenoy, general manager of Intel's executive vice president and data center business group. Intelligence, AI, and flexible network services for 5G pre-pavement.Intel Xeon Scalable Processor represents the most significant progress in the data center over the past decade. "

Intel's full delivery message is the continuation of Intel's largest data center initial shipment plan, with more than 500,000 Intel Xeon scalable processors shipped to industry leaders, high-performance computing, cloud and communications server vendors Such as customers. Customers will be compared with the previous generation of technology, the average increase of 1.65 times the performance of the note 2 profit. Intel Xeon scalable processor set a record of 58 world records and record updates, providing industry-leading performance to the widest range of workloads.

In addition, Intel Xeon scalable processors also provide enterprises with the most diverse platform for functional innovation, in the key workloads to bring significant performance improvements. These include:

Artificial Wisdom: In addition to providing a depth of 2.2 times higher than the previous generation of training and reasoning into the three, in the AI service for software optimization, the implementation of the depth of learning performance than the three years ago, the factory is not optimized Server system compared to enhance the 113 times the injection of three.

Network: Using Intel QuickAssist and DPDK to provide 2.5 times higher than the previous generation of IPSec transmission rates on a variety of critical web applications Note 22, to enhance the value of network transformation.

Virtualization: The number of virtual machines (VMs) injected increased by 4.2 times over four years ago, allowing users to quickly deploy services, improve server utilization, reduce energy costs, and increase space Efficiency, encourage enterprise information center to promote modernization.

• High-performance computing: Increases the number of floating-point operations per second (FLOPs) / clock (clock) by the Intel AVX 512 and the integration of the Intel Omni-Path architecture port, / O elasticity, and memory bandwidth, to accelerate the discovery and innovation of various research.

Storage: With Intel Optane Solid-State Drive (SSD) and Intel Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK), it brings 5 times the number of read / write times per second (IOPS, Input / Output Operations Per Second) Note 11, reduce the 70% delay Note 11 and out of the box with the NVMe SSD, so that a variety of advanced analysis operations faster access to information.

The Intel Xeon scalable processor includes a new core microarchitecture, a new in-chip interconnect electronic parts, and a memory controller. The processor's platform not only provides optimized performance, but also has the information center and network infrastructure indispensable reliability, security, and manageability.

Performance: The Intel Xeon scalable processor delivers up to 1.65 times the overall performance of the previous generation and increases the payload of the OLTP warehouse workload by 5x nineteen percent of the existing workloads, accelerating today's various workloads, including model and Simulation, machine learning, high performance computing (HPC), and digital content creation. These enhancements can be attributed to a number of new features, such as the Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel AVX-512), to improve the performance of a variety of operations intensive operations; and the new Intel Mesh architecture can reduce system latency; Intel QuickAssist Technology Hardware-based translation and data compression acceleration technology, combined with Intel Omni-Path architecture of the integrated high-speed network, allowing customers to low cost to build a variety of HPC cluster system.

Extensibility: Optimized to meet the performance needs of the data center and communications network, the Intel Xeon scalable processor provides up to 28 cores and up to 6 terabytes of system memory (4-slot system) Expanded to support systems from dual-slot to 8-slot, from entry-level workloads to mission-critical applications.

Flexibility: including memory, network and storage efficiency, plus the software industry system for Intel Xeon scalable processor for the optimization, so that the platform for software definition (software defined), the total cost of ownership (Total cost of ownership, TCO) optimization, as well as the ability to set up their own resources at any time to manage the data center, including the client, network, and cloud equipment to meet the needs of various workloads, for example, atmega328p datesheet and cr123a datesheet .

Never compromise security protection: long-term data protection and complete encryption are costing a huge performance. When the data-at-rest encryption is started, the app can now run with less than 1% of the performance. The latest Intel Xeon scalable processors also provide 3.1 times the efficiency of the encryption performance Note the evolution of the eighteenth generation. Intel also extends the processor's security capabilities through Intel Key Protection Technology to provide tighter protection for a variety of security key attacks. In addition, the Intel Xeon scalable processor protects the platform through the extension of the root of trust.

Lay the foundation for a new generation of data centers and communications networks

Intel also introduced Intel Select Solutions, which aims to simplify and accelerate the deployment of data centers and network infrastructure, using the Canonical Ubuntu * operating system, Microsoft SQL 16 * database, and VMware vSAN 6.6 * initial solution The Intel Select Solutions is an expansion of Intel's in-depth investment in the Intel Builders Industry Solutions program to provide a diverse range of Intel-certified configurations for customers to accelerate their investment recovery and use an embedded architecture that includes Intel Xeon scalable processors All users have priority to the scheduled workload.

Intel Xeon scalable platform unique design to help customers accelerate the deployment of cloud infrastructure; to promote the transformation of the communications network and the release of the potential of artificial intelligence, there are many behind more than 100 industrial system partners, more than 480 Intel Builder, and more than 7,000 Software vendors support, work together to optimize the software to play a platform advantage. Intel Xeon Scalable Processor has received Amazon *, AT & T *, BBVA *, Google *, Montefiore *, Technicolor * and Spain Telecommunications (Telefonica) * and other enterprises of the broad support.

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