MAGOME-post town festival 2016

2016-11-05 15:16:40 | 木曽路 馬籠宿
Let's walk ,let's walk, let's walk ........
Oh,! There is a road. That why I walk..........
?? But ,but ,why I have a pen ?? Why I have a penapple ??..........🎶

Honey !!!!!!!!
Shut down your computer !!
Now we are here at MAGOME-JUKU !!

Hellow !
At MAGOME-JUKU .you will enjoy" the lantern festival" on 5th,6th,12th,13th,19th,20th 2016.
It will start around sunset ~ PM 8:00.
If you like the quiet evening in the mountain, please enjoy that calmness and peacefulness in MAGOME-post town with yourself or with your friends,deeply.

"Sobadokoro-MAGOMEYA (soba restaurant)" " Cafe KAGO " "Shimizuta( Store specializing in bean snacks" and "Magome-kan anex (Betukan)" will open until PM8:00 on 5th,12th,19th .
Please enjoy your meal and shopping at evening.


2016-01-01 21:57:22 | 木曽路 馬籠宿


Oh! Where is the Winter ? This year is too warm. I want see the snow !!!!!!
The news paper is saying "Under El Nino phenomenon outbreak"
Is it not result of the global warming?
Does winter disappear by a global climate change?
Serious! Do the four seasons in Japan disappear?
This is a serious matter !!!!


The sightseeing of Japan can enjoy seasonal beauty of nature.
A pure white snow scene is attractive in winter but....this year was different than usual.
Such a season , it is usual that large snow falls in March from February around MAGOME-JUKU.

At all KISO-JI area,”The ice candle festival" will held from Jan 23th ~Feb 13th
Jan 23th Ookuwa-village area
Jan 30th Kiso-village and Kiso-town
Jan 31th Niekawa-Juku (Shiojiri-City)
Feb 3th Narai-Juku and Kiso hirakawa (Shiojiri-City)
Feb 5th,6th Kisofukushima-Juku Kaida-Kougen Mitake Outakii-village and MAGOME-JUKU
Feb 11th Agematsu-Town
Feb 13th Tsumago-Juku Kurokawa

There is the photocontest, too.!
If a good photograph comes out, apply by all means!
It is held in a season of severel cold in the winter of KISO-JI.
Don't catch the cold !
Please go out with warm clothes !

Enjoy the Winter of Japan at KISO-JI and MAGOME-JUKU

2015-12-05 23:10:58 | 木曽路 馬籠宿
Oh!,,,,Japanese Winter.....

Ski & Skating & snowboarding.......Sled & snowball fight & the making of snowman.......enjoy things that make them warm during yukimi such as yukimizake (sake drinking while enjoying a snow scene) or yukimiburo (bathing while enjoying
Making the small snow dome and bring in the warm Kotatsu (a table with a heater called 'yaguragotatsu') and drink Japanese hot sake........
kerosene stove........Firewood stove.........Briquette stove.......Brazier........Irori
Amazake (Sweet alcoholic drink or non alcoholic drink made from sake lees)..........Zoni (soup containing rice cakes and vegetables (New Year's dish)
Mikan (Mandarin orange)........And Onsen(hot spring).....
Wealing Hanten ........

Such and such ! There are many mysteries things in the winter of Japan !
Let's check it up !

Where are you living in this earth ?
If you don't know the Winter ,would you like to experience it at KISO-JI,MAGOME-JUKU and around this area ?
Near Magome-juku ,there are good place to play with snow for beginner ~senior.
Sure Onsen (hot spring ) also.
The winter in Japan is not only cold.
It is a season to be able to taste an atmosphere like Japan most.
You will feel in particular a traditional living of Japan for New Year holidays (Jan 1th~3th)
let's play in winter in Japan!

The season of Festival in MAGOME-JUKU.

2015-10-06 21:28:05 | 旅行
I'm enough adult → i'm thinking so in my mind...
So,I'm interesting to deep Japanese culture. → But I like Akihabara,Harajuku, and Manga,J-pop,Kawaii fashion.....also.
Now,Autumn season is the season of the mature deep art. → And also the season of autumn appetite. Sashimi ! Templa ! Sake !
Well....Let's touch the sprit of Japanese traditional performing art and traditional crafts → May be .......I will encounter with the opposite sex of Japanese beauty !

Oh...I love myself such in confusion! 
Because it is so,let's enjoy it!

Hi、Readers, It's been a long time!
MAGOME-JUKU,and KISO-JI is going to reach the rich Autumn.
The Autumn color leaves is started slowly.
Next week (after 10th OCT 2015),The temperature will falls remarkably at a stretch.
It's the sign of the color leaves is starting.
Please enjoy dramatic scenery.

In Octber and Nobember ,there are many interesting event will held at MAGOME-JUKU and around.

(Local Kabuki: a type of traditional Japanese drama which follows highly-stylized forms and takes up stories with popular appeal )
OCT 11th Sun NOV 23th Mon:holyday AM11:00~11:40 PM1:00~1:40
OCT 17tn Sat NOV 7th Sat 8th Sun 21th Sat 28th Sat.
Place:MAGOME-JUKU Assembly room (in Magome-juku tourist information center)

Gifu Tounou district is the place where JI-KABUKI is the most prosperous in Japan.
※There is an English interpreter

Experience of the origin of the literature of ”TOSON SHIMAZAKI" at Toson Kinekan (memorial house)

OCT 7th Wed 14th Wed 21th Wed 28 th Wed AM11:00~11:30 14:00~14:30
Place:Toson Kinekan (memorial house)

Shinazaki Toson is the one of the famous author in Japan.
He was born IN MAGOME-JUKU and he was the first generation of the Chairperson Pen Club of Japan.
※No an English interpreter

Princess meal of KAZUNOMIYA in MAGOME-JUKU
OCT 30th Fri NOV 5th Thu
※Reserbation is need until 26th OCT and 2th NOV.

Reproduction of the recipe 150 years ago.
※There is an English interpreter

Zazan experience and Shojin ryori (a vegetarian dish) in Zen temple at MAGOME-JUKU.
Nov 8th Sun AM11:00 ~PM3:00
Place:Eisyo temple (Rinzai sect) in MAGOME-JUKU
※Reserbation is need until 5th Nov,
※There is an English interpreter

The polishing experience of OROKU-GUSHI (OROKU-COMB in MAGOME-JUKU.)

OCT 10th Sat 11th Sun 17th Sat 18th Sun
AM:10:00 ~PM:16:00
Experience-based time: 30 minutes~45minutes.
Place:TAWARAYA (Near Magome tourist information center)

OROKU-GUSHI is the traditional crafts of KISO-JI since EDO era.
※No an English interpreter

Hanauma Maturi In SAKASHITA (Near JR Sakashita station)
OCT 13th Sun
The history more than 800 years.
※It is not held in MAGOME-JUKU. It held in SAKASHITA.

and........if you love sweet,don't forget "Nakatsugawa is the famous city of "Wagashi(Japanese sweet)

Furusato jiman maturi
OCT 23th Fri 24th Sat 25th Sun AM9:30~PM16:00
Place:Higashi Mino Fureai center

There are many shuttle bus from JR Nakatsugawa station (free charge)

and .........MAGOME POST TOWN FESTIVAL will held NOVEMBER !!!

NOV 7th Sat

NOV 8 th Sun
In daytime, the parade of the Imperial Princess Kazunomiya’s marriage (Reproduction) will pass NAKASEN-DO in MAGOME-JUKU .
PM 1:00~3:00


NOV 14th Sat 15th Sun 21h Sat 22th Sun 23th Mon/holiday

So... are you ready ?

Welcome to MAGOME-JUKU,Welcome to KISO-JI ,Welcome to NAKASEN-DO !

See you soon !

Lay up for a rainy day?

2015-09-03 23:42:35 | 旅行記
Well__At last I was freed from the plane...Ya-hip...Japan !
First,deep breathing.......Phew....
By the way, the guidance that I got at the airport......
Oh, it is this.
”Let's download recommended application for a trip to Japan”
Mmm,...which is good?
Well......O.K. Then at first it is this!

Welcome to Japan.and KISO-JI.Nakasen-do.Magome-juku !

Magome-juku is placing in the center Alps in Japan.
So ,it nice to download the application of "Safety tips" which you can receive the information timely about "The weather, earthquake, volcano, information of the tsunami and more"

Magome-juku to Tsumago-juku will take 3hours by walk and The weather of the mountain is a whim.
So please use like this information for your safety.



It is recommended application of Japanese Japan Tourism Agency.

Also Japan Meteorological Agency is useful too.

In Autum in japan ,sometime the typhhn is coming !
So be careful sudden hard rain.

Also if you need to examine at a hospita around MAGOME-JUKU," NAKATUGAWA municipal hospital" (NAKATUGAWA SHIMIN BYOUIN) is near by. TEL:0573-66-1111 (24hours)

"Lay up for a rainy day" ...And please enjoy your trip to KISO-JI !