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Saynotomonkeytreehongkong-Introduction to English learning methods

2017-06-17 22:36:44 | 日記


Looking back on the course of my English study, the relatively large learning method for me is mainly Li Yang. Keliz's crazy breakthrough and Zhong Daolong's reverse law.Of course there are some other ways, like flying English, Musashi English ( Before the Japanese to learn a self-study English books) and so on, but not the first two to the profound, so I think here and we mainly introduce these two:

Li Yang teacher crazy English I think we should have been more familiar with it. I, he is a goodwill ambassador, so this method is more understanding.It should be said that before I contact Li Yang. Of the English learning method is out of a completely chaotic state, is entirely the school's traditional way of learning, then although I read hard day and night, but always feel that there is no substantive breakthrough in English level, when I was still admitted Of the English self-study test, and did not dare to relax, feel that reading is also decent, spoken and hearing is almost zero. Was indeed in a very painful wandering state. How many times to abandon the idea of learning English even my own number And then read the newspaper once read the Li Yang. Keliz's introduction, probably tells me the pain of learning English it, a very strong sense of resonance. Remittance at the moment of the two textbooks, then received textbooks After almost as a treasure, the two black and white brochures are almost turned rotten, almost every day to read it again, 18 cards on the content really repeated as many as a hundred times, then each card on the Every word can be off And then I was in the company for the first time when the translation, it really felt the sentence on the card seems simple, but in the real life of the frequency is very high.

Li Y. The operation of the two years should be said to be more successful, many of the English learners have heard, many people have benefited from a lot of people now have a lot of people accused of Li. I want to be a user here to talk about some of my views:

First of all, I think that Li Yang. Craig's crazy English can not be called a set of absolute ideal, complete learning methods. Li Yang in the text of some of the words is indeed some exaggeration, but I think we can not because of him Is not complete on the overall negation, depending on his excellent, glowing place.It should be said that each learning method has its advantages and disadvantages, we should use their own minds to learn from each other, really on their own actual situation prescription remedy. Yang. Keliz understood as a breakthrough, a breakthrough method is very appropriate, especially in terms of spoken language.Li Yang teacher put forward the "three most oral training", "breath training" and so on, I Have done a lot of hard practice, it should be said that the effect is still very obvious, so that when they speak English when the mouth slip more than. Indeed, some basic sentence proficiency in their own basic skills and learning English have a lot of confidence I hope to really master the English friends to make up their minds, give up these basic sentences fall like a stream, these sentences in fact picked up the market just a piece of spoken textbooks to be enough. Friends look down on these simple oral sentence, always like to buy some of the five or sixty yuan of a certain high-level textbooks, bought after a few pages did not find a reason to find a self-excuse shelter. Write here reminds me of I always wanted In the course of my previous promotion, many of my friends asked me the first sentence is: how long will it take to learn? I will tell you how to learn how to do it. Everybody: One year is enough. But now I will not say that, I always ask them: how are your Chinese? Recall that how many years have you studied in Chinese? What level do you have? Chinese people's level of Chinese language is to see the newspaper, exchange and exchange, there are a few people can write beautiful articles? Sometimes I see the next year the next year the little girl in a serious word spelling, with each The words can be written on a "small bean curd" article, and do not know now read my article friends are still kept their own Then the article , Some words come out to see, will be laughing. That is not some friends that we were still children! Learning ability is limited Well! Well! In the next few years, for decades we And the Chinese day and night to get along, every day to absorb the new information, and here you have a few dare to pat the chest said: my Chinese success, I said the Chinese is very beautiful.I can use Chinese to write beautiful articles! At least I do not dare to be so crazy. Do not forget, all of these are our incomparable superior pure Chinese environment learning results. Here, we think about English learning! I am not in I have to think: we have to have the spirit of crazy, crazy way, but we can not have crazy fantasy, especially against the objective law of the crazy. So I met All the English professors, lecturers are earnestly told me: learn a foreign language is a lifetime thing! This reason I was only a year or two to realize that is now, in my class, I often hear "Finished this door, I again Do not learn. "Voice. We think with reason, our Chinese learn now is not still every day in the building blocks ?! I use Li Yang's method of hard training, oral muscle is particularly neat, But now I have not been so crazy for some time, and immediately feel the level of spoken language as before, so that foreign language should often learn commonly used, this "often" word is not only refers to the frequency, but also refers to the time span . Everyone is the same, Li Yang teacher is no exception, no way back! Crazy's method does make us in the period of time to obtain effective growth, but not, it can not be a once and for all the way, the world is not There is this way, so the next time I would like to share with you about the necessary conditions for learning English: perseverance and perseverance.

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