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How to Choose a Perfect Logo

2017-08-27 20:29:55 | 日記
Designing a logo is an integral part of your business identity and how it is viewed and remembered by the people. If you get it right it will be the way people will recognise your company and be the reason why the company will stand out from the competition. It is an image that will be displayed wherever you are doing business such as your business cards, websites and even vehicles should the company have them.
The first step is to do know the emotions and message the logo should arouse and consider some factors which are listed below.
Decide on the Type of Logo
There are three types of logos which are typographic, illustrative and abstract and sometimes two types are combined such as the Adidas logo which is both typographic and abstract.
Before you do the designing of the logo have a brainstorming session and consider the following:
● What do your competitor's logos look like? Remember you would like to have a memorable logo therefore if it is similar to another logo you might lose that effect.
● Think about the niche that you are going to market to and how to reach that target market.
● What is it that you offer the market that the competitors do not and how you can evoke the right emotions.
● If you have a tag line how the logo will compliment the line.

Be Creative
It is not only the design that is important but makes sure that your logo is unique and you also need to look at it from all angles. The professional logo design should represent your industry and the message that you would like to convey so it is important that all the intentions are considered that you would like the image to convey. If you are redesigning a logo that already exists first decided what it is that you do not like of the logo so that you do make the same error again.
Part of designing the logo are the colours that one uses. Just as in websites where colour usage is important to instil certain emotions it is the same as the logo that you would like to design. Also, do not have a multitude of colours in your logo and try and keep it to 3 at the most. Having too many colours will not get the right effect and sometimes it is best to use only 1 such as McDonald's yellow M.
Once you have a good idea what message you would like to send and the design that you have to get some input from other people. You can ask your friends or even people from other companies and see what the response is and that way you will have some idea of how the public will view your logo.
Some things to Consider
When the logo is designed to ensure that the lines are bold and that the shapes are simple so that it is easy to see even it is printed small. Using negative space helps get the idea across in a simple effective way and keep different versions of the logo. There are bound to be times that you will want promotional material and the logo will need to be printed on T-shirts, coffee mugs etc, and ensure that is in multiple formats because some effects are not allowed and you do not want to lose out on any opportunities of promoting your business.
Some things you need to avoid is doing it the easy way by using the millions of logo choices that you can find on the web because that will mean that there could be other companies that have the same logo. Most items are marketed globally so it is important to have an original, unique design. Don’t let the latest trends inspire the design of the logo because trends like fashion will not be there in a couple of years and you could be in danger that the logo is no longer relevant.
Know your limitations and if you are not good at being creative then approach logo design professionals that will be able to design the logo for you. But even in this case, they will need to know what emotions and message you would like the logo to convey to the public.

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