The bicycle headlight is made up of aluminum alloy

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The bicycle headlight is made up of aluminum alloy. It allows you to navigate your path safely in the dark hours and helps you achieve stability and safety during your ride. The beam’s direction is front and the flashlight High Mast Light is available in a perfect black color. It also has a 3w LED bulb that gives the advantage of less power consumption with a higher survival period.
Once charged the LED lamp life is more than 100,000 hours enabling you to use it for long journeys. The device is the best companion for people when they are camping, hiking, fishing or cycling as it is durable, reliable and helpful in trouble situations.
SOS super flash lighting mode for water resistant Bicycle head or flash lights

Does your bike need headlights that can stretch up to a great distance to provide you visibility? Do you wish to see things as clearly on night while riding your bicycle as you see them during day light? Are you afraid of cycling in dark just because of the fear of accidents? The solution to all your worries is present in the impermeable Bicycle Headlight generator which provides your bike with a perfect light source. A flexible rubber ring joining flashlights together, precision CNC machining technology and strong lens provide waterproofing and shock resistance qualities to Waterproof Bicycle Headlight/Flashlight. It can also be used in times of LED High Bay Light extreme emergency at places where no light is available. Normally this mode is used in order to catch the attention of other riders and pedestrians in case of an urgent situation, a road crisis or a disaster when you need to generate a help signal.

The Waterproof Bicycle Headlight/Flashlight is water proof and shock proof. You need three AAA batteries to use the device which are not included in the package list.ankaka. The feature facilitates you to r to get on and off your bike without falling

Flashlight provides you extra clarity in vision. The device is highly important and a must-have for you in case you are a perpetual bicycle rider. Moreover the size of the tube diameter is 30mm with a tube length of 105mm. The flashing bike lights is minute and compressed in size so it so you can carry it with you anywhere you want whether you are riding on intricate paths or just on your way to your school or fun trip with friends. The bulb has the tendency to offer a clear, bright vision for longer interval of time. All you have to do is to just swap the batteries sporadically.

To find out more information on Ankaka's line of Wholesale LED Lighting please check out this link: http://www. The SOS strobe mode will make the flashlight blink rapidly when enabled in case of any emergency or road accident. The gadget serves a dual purpose of bike light and a handy torch. The chrome bicycle headlight from the light illuminates 20 meters of the path ahead and proves to be the safest and the most reliable guide during your journey. There is a handy SOS strobe facility present in the Bicycle Headlight/Flashlight.

A bracket is available with the Water resistance features Bicycle Flashlight which you can adjust to your bike that enables the flashlight to spot right on to the bracket.

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