A (Blue) Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Red or Blue light acne therapy has been growing in popularity in the US and is now finding its way to the UK. Vitamins found in sunlight can also help and recent advances in light treatment have proved to be effect treatments for acne. Acne Vulgaris is commonly found amongst teenagers but can affect people of any age, and it can be a difficult and stressful disease to deal with. Great. The blue light treatment method goes straight to the root of the problem by eliminating the bacteria that cause the problem in the first place, but in a gentle and non-invasive way. For teenagers who are struggling with the challenges of the transition from youth to adulthood, a cocktail of new and confusing hormones and the mood swings that accompany them, add acne and you have a perfect recipe for low self-esteem and, in serious cases, the potential for considerable psychological effects. For those with teenagers who suffer from the disease, the blue light treatments available offer a simple, easy to use and permanent solution to help reduce the discomfort and psychological distress that acne can cause. These products have been proven to be effective and can reduce the incidence and the effects of the disease but do not work effectively for all patients. Clearing the bacteria helps to restore the skin and it has been proven to be effective in cases ranging from mild to moderately serious acne outbreaks. They are also fast acting and prove a worthwhile investment for acne sufferers of any age. Most drugs have the potential to cause side effects and creams or the washes that are prescribed can also affect skin negatively, drying it out or causing additional irritation. The advantage of this kind of treatment is that it that it does not affect the skin negatively by leaving it dry, nor does it have long term side effects.

A (Blue) Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hand held home use blue light treatment devices are now available that offer a simple, safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments for acne. This in turn offers an excellent source of food for harmless and naturally occurring bacteria on the skin. Stress doesn’t help the skin condition, meaning that it can be frustratingly hard treat. It also is extremely effective at reducing the strength and virulence of subsequent acne attacks. The typical acne look’ is the result of blockages forming in hair follicles in the skin, which allow the build-up of natural skin oils. In older people  beyond their early twenties  hormonal imbalances can result in over production of testosterone at different times and can particularly affect women at various stages in their lives. For longer term sufferers of acne, the blue light treatment systems can offer, quite literally, a light at the end of the tunnel. Hormonal treatments are also available to women which can help to re-establish normal hormonal balances and can be effective, though some side effects have been reported.

A Light Bulb Moment

linsheng Healthy skin needs its fair share of vitamins and LED High Bay Light minerals and dietary supplements or vitamins may be prescribed. Usually acne prefers to attack when you’re already feeling pretty low.

Traditional Treatments

Treatments involve locking yourself in a room between the ages of thirteen and twenty two or, more sensibly, a range of medical creams, drugs and skin treatments.
As if Acne wasn’t bad enough for its sufferers, the medical terminology doesn’t help. Who said youth is wasted on the young?

Acne Attacks

Acne is most commonly caused by an increase of the hormone testosterone, which develops in both genders during adolescence.

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