Ford VCM2 IDS intended for Ford Mazda 2-in-1 transmission were unable

2016-10-12 19:59:29 | 日記
2015 brand-new VCM II diagnostic code reader intended for Ford (IDS V96) along with Mazda (IDS V95) 2-in-1 transmission were unable challenge option offered.

Probably Japan buyer possesses newly became the VCM2 IDS system intended for Ford along with Mazda (Product Zero: SP239-B). They implemented the teaching inside auto diagnostic tools suppliers. corp. united kingdom internet arrangement to install Ford IDS v96, yet problem happens if hooking up the VCM2 system along with automobile, the procedure reported zero USB staff diagnosed. The indication on VCM major device exhibited, the procedure diagnosed the USB Serial Convertor deriver, yet continue to are unable to talk to automobile. Problem screenshots considered beneath:

Feasible purpose:
Failed to set up VCM only two IDS USB new driver correctly/completely.

Un-install the software along with set up VCM2 USB new driver software once again.

Assembly suggestions:

one) Ford along with Mazda 2-in-1 vcm ii ford code reader help support automobile through 1996 to be able to 2014 along with portion of 2015.

only two) That VCM II possesses similar functioning method because VXDIAG VCX NANO ford along with mazda only two inside one code reader (product variety SP239).

three) Ford along with Mazda software may be set up on the similar pc if runs on VMware.

several) Ford along with Mazda software cannot be set up on similar pc if runs on Get EXPERIENCE pc.

a few) Ford IDS software assembly will be a little bit not the same as Mazda IDS assembly.
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