Spiffygirl-Some Misunderstandings of Word Memory

2017-06-17 22:33:30 | 日記
Spiffygirl, First, the word back a few errors

1. To rely too much on a memory method

Symptoms: an attempt to find a good memory shortcut, so that their short time to overcome the word off.

Etiology: the word thousands, any kind of memory method, only apply part of the word. As for which word should be used that way memory, you do not know, if you know, the word you have written down. While the vocabulary of the market on the one-sided emphasis on the benefits of their methods, including all the words. actually not. Some words root affix memory easy to use, and some look at the appearance of the word, and then play your image thinking to write down, and some words through the pronunciation of the finished on never forget. So do not superstitious a memory method. Moreover, what memory method you like varies from person to person.

2. quick success

Symptoms: vowed to be a month in the back of a vocabulary book.

Analysis: Is it possible? Possibly, the book is thin, and the second is that you are just going to read the word, not to think about it in a variety of contexts without thinking or thinking. So many people back three days up to a week, no confidence. A strong sense of frustration defeated you. So die a natural death.

3. the back of the word as extremely painful things, continue to pity on their own.

Symptoms: back to the word before the deliberately choose a comfortable environment, where not back, where not back. While the back of the word while thinking about what to eat at noon to add to the brain.

Analysis: From the day you decide to turn the word back, you do not pity yourself. Can be a test: every day thick tea and rice, learning 14 hours, adhere to a week to see you die no. In fact, not so serious, your worry is superfluous. If you want to worry about the body, only recommended three days and five days, up to a week to play a ball, out of a sweat. In addition you can back 14 hours a day, but in the middle to listen to music properly, or not far to the supermarket, just to buy a piece of chewing gum. The back word is the pleasure of challenging the brain, so tell yourself. Crack it, enjoy it

4. siege, carpet bombing.

Symptom: The words on this page are not back, never forward.

Analysis: Some people may have succeeded. I personally think that this is not a good idea. Disadvantages are: low efficiency, high rate of forgetting, strong sense of frustration. In addition to this back to slow down. why? Because words are often not sorted by frequency of use. You are abcd spent a week, many of which are rarely used, and d behind a lot of high usage of the word you have to be a month to be able to be (provided you have enough perseverance and patience to adhere to that day). So that you always feel that the word back no effect, read the newspaper, for reading or full of words. So the lack of sense of accomplishment, they denied their own plans. Moreover, the back word is the process of repeated memory, and the brain happens to repeat the things always lack of interest. There is a question of how to reconcile the "must repeat" with "tiredness". We can do only in the process of repeated to minimize duplication, to please the brain's favor. So, the good way is to repeat the strategy, tactical do not repeat. Breaking apart that is a short time as much as possible to see a few words, and then to a long period of time to repeat, so to achieve the purpose of duplication, reducing the boredom of the brain. As for how short, how long, vary from person to person. My experience is not repeated within three hours, bite the bullet and go ahead. Up to one word in a day.
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