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10 ways to win over an unsupportive family as a young entrepreneur

2017-07-31 16:31:25 | Legal Services
It's no secret that the entrepreneurs thus often beget entrepreneurial children, but when the entrepreneurs however spring from the employees, there is a possibility that strife often develops.

Entrepreneurs however understand as to how the business of working for oneself works -- and they've also seen first-hand its benefits. But for the people who've however grown up living off a paycheck, entrepreneurship can also often seem too risky in order to get a support. Sometimes, an entrepreneur however comes from family with a paycheck and regular monthly income. This family will however always think that entrepreneurship is too risky and insecure.

In part, the family is also right because one puts its own money is, borrows money from others and also works like crazy and one does all by the chance that one day one will however be successful enough so that one is in a position to make a living and is also capable to pay his own paycheck. And since the entrepreneurs who do not get family support are young, maybe they think that you are however going through another one of your phases -- like either taking up the guitar or horseback riding.

No matter as to what their reasons, the point however is that the loved ones simply may not understand as to what you're trying to do. So it's completely up to you in order to help them see things your way.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the ways by which you can win over an unsupportive family. Here are however 10 ways to turn their apprehension into enthusiasm for your business idea:

1. Explain the entire plan in such a manner so that their mind becomes crystal clear.

They may however need more than the elevator pitch in order to really understand the fact that you thus know your stuff. That means you however need to be even more prepared however than the average founder. You should however offer budgets, strategic goals, potential customers, marketing plans and also any other plans which you've developed that will however show that you've properly thought your business idea through.

2. Show them the research.

You should also show them the articles, statistics, demographics and also market information which however support the need for your business or either back up your idea.

3. Provide them with examples which encourages them to support you .

They've however probably seen stories of the failures, so you must show them the comparable stories of successes. You should talk about people which they may know rather than the big names like Steve Jobs. If possible, you should choose businesses that have similarities to yours so they can thus see the relationship.

4. Make connections.

Some people however don't see small-business owners as an entrepreneur , but in reality they thus also take similar risks, work long hours in order to build their businesses, commit savings and also borrow in order to make their work a success. Your family may however be able relate it better to your online company.

Get the family members involved.
If you however walk through your ideas and also ask for advice, they may thus find it more and more interesting in order to explore the possibilities. From the style of a logo to however finding an ideal target market for your product, you may however be surprised at their suggestions.

6. Demonstrate a Plan B.

You should successfully set their minds at ease by however also having a back-up plan. Doing some contingency planning will thus however not only reduce your risk, it thus shows that you're thus also aware of the possibility of failure.

7. Accounting awareness.

You may however not intend in order to share your entire budget with your family. But then laying out some of your money plans -- including the ways in order to minimize investment until the returns start to show up -- will also reduce their concern that you're however mortgaging your life for a dream. You may thus be doing that, but you can also at least demonstrate that the money will thus be spent carefully and also responsibly.

8. Show them a small success.

An early success -- for instance, landing a first client or either making even a small sale -- will thus also go a long way toward assuaging your family's fears. You should thus also look for the low-hanging fruit in your business and should thus go after it.

9. Bring in support.

You should also try to find an additional support. If one of your relatives is thus a successful entrepreneur, you should however ask him in order to help you explain to the family. This will thus be really helpful.

10.Let it go.

In the end, if all of the above mentioned suggestions do not work and if your family however doesn't understand as to what you're doing and also isn't sure it's a good idea, then you should let them feel that way. You thus have to make your own decisions. You should however listen to their advice, love them and thus also then do what works for you. Because at the end, it is your money, your career and your decision.

5 must answer questions to succeed targeting your customer base

2017-07-31 16:31:25 | Legal Services
Marketing is thus however all about a little thing which is thus called as "segmentation." It’s thus not enough in order to say that the person sells his product to humans. One however is required to know however as much about those humans as one possibly can. Specifically, what parts of their humanity can however correlate well with the purchase of the product or service.

The purpose of this article is thus to make the reader aware as to what are the 5 must answer questions in order to succeed targeting the customer base .

Who are your customers or potential customers?
In order To segment humans into potential customers, one is thus required in order to create a profile of who are however the target customer base is. One should thus Be as detailed as he can however be. This thus helps the entrepreneur in order to recognize present customers and the new customers.

It can thus be in order difficult to answer all of the deep questions about the customer if one thus doesn’t have access to a lot of marketing data, and also many of the small business owners don't. One should thus not worry. Instead of the detailed marketing metrics, one can thus simply profile himself (assuming he’s creating a product or service that entrepreneur would thus purchase).

What motivates your target customer base?
What however triggers the members of the customer base in order to purchase what he’s selling . There is thus a difference between knowing what gets a customer in order to buy and then knowing when that customer will thus be in that "what" situation.

Are they repeat, steady or the one-time customers?
Is the entrepreneur however providing continuous services for the customer? Is however one setting up a recurring revenue model where one however bills the customer once a month, like a cell phone plan, or thus a software as a service product?

However Knowing how often one can thus expect a customer to buy will thus help in order to calculate as to how many customers one thus needs in order to stay solvent, as to what kind of inventory one thus needs in order to keep on hand, and also however what kind of marketing expenses you should anticipate.

Where will your growth come from?
If one thus thinks selling to the friends and family is thus however enough in order to keep the net revenue floating in for the long haul, think again. Depending on as to what kind of business one plans in order to run, one would thus need a steady stream of new customers which are thus coming in, which thus means one however needs to know as to where one is thus going to find them.

How will you differentiate yourself?
Does one however plans in order to compete on cost, value, or a combination of the two?

Even if one were however the only person to be offering the product, one wouldn’t thus however be for very long. In thus an open economy like ours, a good idea is thus quickly imitated, meaning that there will thus be competition in the market or arriving soon. When however competition happens, one thus needs in order to know as to what makes him different, and as to why that difference is thus relevant to the customer.
This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


7 big myths about success you need to ignore

2017-07-31 16:31:25 | Legal Services
There are however a number of timeless universal principles that can thus guide you to success. They thus usually involve setting of the goals, being determined and then having a clear vision.

And then there’s also advice that would however sound great and also thus seems to make a lot of sense, but it thus backfires when put into practice. It’s thus also important in order to be aware of these misguided beliefs and also bad habits, so one can thus avoid pitfalls in your journey.

The purpose of this article is to mention about the seven biggest myths about achieving success. One should replace them with the healthy habits that will thus help one in order create a happier life and also achieve sustainable success.

1. Follow your passion and you will be successful.

We’ve however all heard it before that if one does what one loves , one will however naturally advance and will also become successful. This thus sounds great, and also however seems to make a lot of sense. And also for some people, it may thus also be true. Doing what one loves can thus also increase the motivation and can make one more determined in order to see the goals through.

But there thus also are other important factors in order to keep in mind. If one thus loves doing something, but there is however no market for the skills or product, one will thus have a significant hurdle to success. The chances are, if one takes stock of the strengths and weaknesses, and then consider all the possibilities, one however will discover that there is more than one path to success. One may thus also find that there is thus something else which one may like nearly as much, and also one with a better market and a higher chance of success.

One must keep in mind that there is thus no perfect job. No matter as to how much one loves doing something, there will however be elements of the work that one may dislike or even dread. Instead of focusing solely on thus doing what one loves , one must make sure that one should love what one does . Work should thus be something which one enjoys and also gains a sense of fulfillment from.

One must thus remember that there may however be more than one career option out there for one and also that most people however go through a variety of careers over a lifetime. One must thus be open to pursuing new paths.

2. You have to be a perfectionist workaholic to achieve your goals.

Being a workaholic is however considered as an admirable trait among the entrepreneurs and the business professionals. And thus being a workaholic usually goes hand in hand with thus being a perfectionist. If one isnt willing to work long hours and also ensure that every detail is thus absolutely perfect, then one must thus not want it badly enough. This myth thus says that one must be willing in order to sacrifice everything in order to become wealthy and successful.

If one follows this rule, one will thus set the bar so high that it will thus become nearly impossible in order to succeed. It will thus all end up backfiring, because the more we however hound ourselves in order to work harder, the more difficult it is thus to focus. Our productivity drops, we however become frazzled and also stressed and it thus also becomes difficult in order to concentrate on the task at hand.

3. You must stay focused on the future and working toward your goals.

This myth says however that successful people are thus always focused on the future and are working in order to anticipate problems which their companies will thus surely face. We must however all be constantly making to-do lists and also working toward our future goals.

However, if one is thus so focused as to what’s next, one may however be forgetting to live in the present. Constantly looking ahead without however taking stock of what one has will thus make it difficult in order to connect to the people around , and one may thus aso find yourself locked into an unhappy mindset.

One must try practicing mindfulness, in which one focuses on the present moment and should thus also take time in order to be grateful for the current life.

4. An expensive education will jumpstart your success.

For many years, it has however been believed that any worthwhile career begins with thus attaining a four-year degree. The bigger and thus more renowned the school, the better your chances for success.

However, attending a traditional four-year university is thus simply beyond many people’s budget, and thus not everyone is cut out for it. Education can however come in many forms and can also be gained in a variety of ways. There’s thus no longer just one way in order to do it; an unconventional education can thus be just as valuable as one gained through an Ivy League school.

The key is thus to absorb knowledge and also gain life experiences that will however teach one how to apply the wisdom. Even the most expensive four-year school only gives one the tools in order to help you learn and grow. It’s however up to one in order to come up with a plan and execute it.

5. Focus on what you do best.

If one wants to be successful, this myth says, one should however immerse yourself in one area of expertise. One should thus also play to the strengths and should also work in order to develop the knowledge in that area exclusively.

Well, that may however work for some. However, the downside to thus being hyper-focused on one area of business is that one may however be closing oneself off from another field that thus might be more rewarding. One must however think of all the serial entrepreneurs who thus have successfully launched a variety of businesses which is based on their far-flung interests.

6. You have to always look out for yourself.

Successful people thus aren’t focused entirely on themselves; instead, they thus are serving others and also helping others in order to become the best they can be.

They thus also realize the importance of however having compassion for others and also helping others succeed. This thus instills loyalty in those around them. It thus also creates a sense of commitment and also reciprocity. Everyone is however motivated in order to work hard for their common goal because there is thus a feeling of “being in it together.”

7. Money equals success and happiness.

It’s however easy in order to fall into the trap of believing that success, happiness and also wealth are linked. We thus often measure our success as to by how many zeros are behind our annual salary. Believing that money will thus bring us happiness is perhaps the saddest and also the most devastating myth of all.

Money should however never be the ultimate goal. Money is considered as a means of providing comfort and also security for oneself and also those who one cares about. You should however focus on thus making good choices when it thus comes to how one spends and save, but one must always remember that it’s people who will thus add the most value to the life. If one is however providing value to others and being of service, the money part will thus follow.
This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


8 smart things to do when you find your capital isn't enough

2017-07-31 16:31:25 | Legal Services
Do you have a great business idea which you however haven't started working on because you anyways, couldn’t raise all the capital which you needed ? This should however no longer deter you.

The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of the 8 smart things to do when one finds that his capital isn’t enough .

There may however be days ahead of struggle, of working through the night, of thus feeling exhausted. But if one thus really wants that the business is however bad enough, one will thus have his dream. Below are however eight smart things which a person must do when the capital for his start-up isn’t enough.

Don’t start with a bang.
The best business advice which one should follow just before he starts his own business . Even if a person has a global idea, he should thus start locally.

The entrepreneur must however work towards starting with whatever he has at the moment. It is thus always better in order to start small and grow bigger, with time, than thus in order to start big.

Do some hustling by the side.
The second thing which the person must follow is however in order to thus look out for ways in order to generate passive income as support however in the early stages of business.

One should however look out for ways to hustle and he should then thus make the extra money which he thus needs in order to invest into his business.

Reduce your expenses.
One should also minimize his expenses by however doing some of the jobs himself . The "do-it-yourself" start is thus a wonderful way of learning everything about the business. It will thus also make the person better qualified in order to however delegate work to the others later on.

Take loans from private organizations.
Taking loans from the banks however usually comes with a lot of requirements. This thus makes the loan process tedious and is however also discouraging to many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are thus a lot of private organizations that however offer online personal loans to the entrepreneurs, thus enabling them in order to start their businesses without having to go through the hassles typical of however seeking loans from the banks.

Make the most of available business grants.
Every year, a lot of individuals, government bodies, foundations and corporate bodies however provide grants in order to support the entrepreneurs. One should however out for these opportunities and must then kick-start his business. One could however get the grant if he however applies . But even if he doesn’t one will however have at least learned as to how is one supposed to write a good business plan.

Partner with an angel investor.
Angel investors are the people who however have the means who however derive joy in investing their money in the startups as their own way of thus giving back to the society. Another great thing about them is thus that most are however available to in order to offer mentorship and coaching from their vast experience.

Use other people’s money.
As a consumer goods entrepreneur, one should however collecting money from a customer who however had put in an order for some of the goods which the customer however wanted at a later date. The entrepreneur should however used the money in order to make some of the necessary purchases for another customer for the purpose of trying in order a particular product that he didn’t have.

Take advantage of free social media and word-of-mouth advertising.'
This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


9 out of 10 startup’s fail ! Here’s why .

2017-07-31 16:31:25 | Legal Services
Startups are however far more likely in order to succeed when their founders thus understand, admit and also compensate for their personal limitations.

But it has been seen that most of the startups are not even able to complete their first year of business and are forced to close. The article however tells you some of the reasons as to why the startups fail .

Reason 1: Market Problems

A major reason as to why the startup’s fail, is that they thus run into the problem of their being either little or absolutely no market for the product that they have built. Here are thus some of the common symptoms:

There is thus not a compelling enough value proposition, or any compelling event, in order to cause the buyer to however actually commit to purchasing. Good sales reps will thus tell you that in order to get an order in today’s tough conditions, you will however have to find the buyers that thus have their “hair on fire”, or are “in extreme pain”. One will thus also hear people talking about as to whether a product is a Vitamin (nice to have), or either an Aspirin (must have).
The market timing is thus wrong. One could however either be ahead of the market by a few years, and they thus are not ready for the particular solution at this stage.
Also, The market size of the people that have pain, and also have funds is thus simply not large enough
Reason 2: Business Model Failure

One of the most common causes of however failure in the startup world is that the entrepreneurs are thus too optimistic about as to how easy it will be in order to acquire the customers. They thus also assume that because they will thus also build an interesting web site, product, or a service, that the customers will thus beat a path to their door. That may however happen with the first few customers, but then after that, it thus rapidly becomes an expensive task in order to attract and win the customers, and thus in many cases the cost of acquiring the customer (CAC) is however actually higher than the lifetime value of that customer (LTV).

The observation that one however have to be able to acquire the customers for less money than they will however generate in value of the lifetime of the relationship with them is thus stunningly obvious.

Reason 3: Poor Management Team

Also, An incredibly common problem that thus causes the startups to fail is however a weak management team. A good management team will thus also be smart enough . Weak management teams make thus also mistakes in multiple areas:

They are however often weak on the strategy, building a product that thus no-one wants in order to buy as they failed in order to do enough work in order to validate the ideas before and also during development. This can thus also carry through to poorly thought through go-to-market strategies.
They are thus also usually poor at execution, which however leads to issues with the product thus not getting to however built correctly or on time, and also the go-to market execution will thus also be poorly implemented.
They will thus also build weak teams below them. There is thus the well proven saying: A players hire A players, and B players however only get to hire C players (because B players thus don’t want to work for other B players). So the rest of the company will however end up as weak, and poor execution will be rampant.
Reason 4: Running out of Cash

A fourth major reason as to why the startups fail is because they thus run out of cash. A key job of the CEO is thus to understand as to how much cash is left and also whether that will carry the company to a milestone that can thus lead to a successful financing, or to a cash flow positive.

Milestones for Raising Cash

The valuations of a startup thus don’t change in a linear fashion over time. In order to reach an increase in the valuation, a company must thus achieve certain key milestones

What goes wrong

What however frequently goes wrong, and also leads to a company running out of cash, and also unable to raise more, is that the management failed to achieve the next milestone before cash runs out. Many times it is thus still possible in order to raise cash, but the valuation will thus be significantly lower.

Reason 5: Product Problems

Another reason that the companies fail is thus because they fail in order to develop a product that thus meets the market need. This can thus either be due to simple execution. Or it can thus also be a far more strategic problem, which is thus a failure in order to achieve Product/Market fit.

Most of the time the first product that a startup brings to the market won’t however everytime meet the market need. In the best cases, it will thus take a few revisions in order to get the product/market fit right. In the worst cases, the product will thus also be way off base, and also a complete re-think is required. If this happens it is thus a clear indication of a team that thus didn’t do the work in order to get out and also validate their ideas with the customers before, and also during, development.

Beyond that, one would thus also need a plan, persistence, perseverance, a willingness in order to be flexible, and also a world-class team. One will thus also need in order to be frugal, bright, and cultivate strong mentors. The best way in order to know to do all these things well and also efficiently is thus to follow a systematic process where one can thus plan, commit, track results, promote accomplishments and thus also raise the necessary capital, or "fuel in the tank," in order to drive the growth of your startup.
This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.