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Guerrilla Marketing For Startups

2017-08-09 16:43:05 | Legal Services
Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla marketing is considered as a marketing strategy often used by companies so as to publicize themselves and gain attraction. It’s quite clear that how important it is to have proper recognition in order to establish any company firmly in the market. Guerrilla marketing is mostly used by startups since this marketing includes low capital and takes place in streets and other public places like malls, shopping centers as well as online portals like Facebook, Twitter etc. This marketing involves imagination and creativity so that it leaves a lasting impression on the general public. The activities done under the name of marketing can be of any type but they generally include active participation of the public, As for startups, guerrilla marketing is a very good option since it includes low capital and if done in an imaginative way ensures good publicity of your startup. Focused below is how Guerrilla marketing is beneficial for startups and how it can be done in a positive spirit.
Giving out flyers and doing advertisements on Radio and Television can give only some reach to startups but guerrilla marketing requires more innovative ways. It generally includes presenting your main product in a fun way and ensuring that public gets a general idea of how your products work or simply why they should buy your product. Graffiti and artworks can be used to publicize your product. But one important thing you should keep in mind is that your creativity and innovation should not lead to bad publicity, it may get you fame but it will be for all the wrong reasons and you will find yourself back to where you started from or maybe even in a worse position than that.
Some famous examples for Guerrilla marketing in recent years:
Carrie’s (film) Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise in NYC
Tic Tac’s Worst Breath In The World
Coke’s Hug Me Vending Machines
For the success of such marketing, You need to keep your idea simple and funtastic. Make social awareness if possible and make sure to flatter your audience. They are your priority since they are the one who will buy your products and help increase your visibility. You may arrange some local events which will eventually be related to your product in one way or other. Guerrilla Marketing works in more than one way, what you need is to be creative and think out of the box. Copy and paste don’t work in this type of marketing. What you need is something original and engaging. People will grab your product if you grab their attention. This marketing may include giving out free samples of your product with whatever event or strategy you have used. This will directly influence your sales. Even though controversies give you a lot of fame try and stay away from them because you may get a social reach but your sales won’t be any good. Go ahead, remove all the constraints and be as creative as you want. Do some Guerrilla marketing and become visible, till then keep thinking!

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.

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