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2017-07-03 10:41:47 | Legal Services
The definition of a startup is “the action or process of setting something in motion”. Deciding on a career is one of the hardest dilemmas in one’s life. We are faced with questions like, “what if the career was chosen fails”? or, “what if there’s still colossal income in the future”? Let’s assume for a moment that most people’s career goals are relatively similar to that of every startup: make something from nothing. Startup framework can help a person to plan his/her career or personal growth.

According to me the 3 most important things for evaluation of a startup are;

Before deciding which route is best, one should evaluate where he/she is standing first in his/her career. Wrong decisions can always lead one’s life to sabotage. One should be sturdy about their basic qualities, their intelligence, their talents, their abilities. In order to get success people should have a growth mindset. They should believe that even basic talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience, mentorship, and so on. And these are the people who go for it. They’re not always worried about how smart they are, how they’ll look, what a mistake will mean. They challenge themselves and grow.
For an instance let’s just go back to our school days. We surely must have thought on seeing the topper of our class or any other girl who was far better than us that one day they surely will go a long way. This is a great example because we thought they scored A+ in almost every subject. As a result of their always being successful, they may have fallen into a fixed mindset which means they may have believed all the hype, the idea that they just have it. And they become afraid of making mistakes. They become afraid of sullying their image. And because they are fearful of venturing out from their comfort zones, they don’t take the risks or develop the abilities they are capable of.
Again for an instance if we go back to our school days and remember the girls who we thought were not capable of reaching that zenith of success, to our surprise they have done many amazing things. These are the people who maybe didn’t have an image to uphold, didn’t feel the weight of other people’s expectations, and just followed their passions and developed their abilities.

In order to choose our career, one should always first evaluate if the chosen path fits in well with the interests, aptitudes, work –related values, and personality type. By successful career election, one should always be willing to do everything for it, prepare oneself. If a career fits these criteria, there is a better chance that we will enjoy our work.
Career exploration is the stage where we will gather information about occupations after having completed a self-assessment, which is the first stage of the career planning process. After choosing a fixed course one should do a preliminary research about the advantages and disadvantages of that path. Career planning helps one to:
• Learn about oneself,
• Gets us thinking about how to best use our college years to build important skills,
• Puts us in a position to make good choices about summer jobs and internships,
• Allows us to focus our energy on finding the job that’s right for us.

While career exploration one should get in touch with their talents. They should know their interests, skills and test one’s limits, challenge oneself and stretch their boundaries of convenience.

Most people have limited knowledge about what kinds of careers exist. It’s not until we begin to investigate the world of work that we’ll start understanding the opportunities available. First and second-year students can really benefit from taking the time to explore career options early. By better understanding the world of work, we can be strategic about gaining skills that will prepare us for our future career.
It’s not very common for recent college graduates to stay with their first employer for their entire career. Many people change jobs and careers several times throughout their lives. Participating in intentional career planning will allow us to make good decisions about our first job and those that follow. Through the process of exploring careers and making connections, we’ll learn the best way to conduct a job search within your industry of interest.

Finally, if we choose the right career we will find ourselves spending a lot of time at work so picking a career that allows us to do what we love is important.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for , section 8 company registration, nidhi company registration, IEC registration

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