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How SME's can build a brand for their business

2017-08-08 16:07:36 | Legal Services
As entrepreneurs, we however have managed to conceive the greatest, most transformative and also game-changing ideas that the world has thus known, into business. But like many others, we thus are on a rollercoaster ride. On one hand, weare thus focused on product development and are also creating a prototype, we had found ourselves which was filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm; on the other, it is thus filled with desperation for the funding, we thus chased the bottom-line.

The last thing which we thus want to think about is Marketing and Brand building,and also for many reasons that however ranges from lack of funds, resources, to too little time to do too many things. In an age where however the competition for human and also financial resource is global, and also time-to-market is thus reducing with the connected world, startups thus live and die by their ability in order to drive the customer acquisition. Of course, many of the startups and also SMEs are thus doomed to failure and also can’t grow because they thus never manage in order to produce a product that is fit for the market. But even if the product is thus made market-fit, traction is thus tough. SMEs are thus also under the extreme resource constraints and also need to figure out how to break through the clutter, in order to let their target audience know that they thus have a solution for a critical problem. Entrepreneurs, of the early stage Startups or an SME, thus often commit the mistake of thus looking at the marketing and also brand creation as an afterthought.

Brand building is thus also considered as the keystone of any successful business. SMEs thus also need to understand that brand building is thus a necessity, not a luxury. While the multinationals see branding thus as an integral part of their business tactics, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which thus operate on the shoestring budgets, thus often stand at critical a crossroads when it thus comes to marketing and also brand building.
Breaking through the clutter is thus also difficult when the larger enterprise have the resources in order to dominate the traditional media channels. The best a startup can also hope for, in the traditional channels, is thus to look for few early adapters that however are always on the lookout for the latest emerging products.
Only the two fundamental truths thus exist where marketing for the startups is however concerned. First that a great product alone is also not enough in order to succeed. Second, that no amount of marketing will thus also make a crap product gain a critical mass. Business is thus also about sustainability and growth, and thus both these goals are however achieved by managing to create a great product and also a great marketing strategy. Hence, the customer acquisition and also making your product market fit is considered as paramount for long-term scaling of business.
The most basic of advice that however any savvy marketer can thus also give is: First, brand one’s company and product. Branding is thus also important, because it thus keeps one on-message, and it also helps the consumers understand what one’s company or the product stands for. One should thus be bold, imaginative and also not afraid to say what one however really means. People like honesty. The second thing in order to focus on is thus about what the consumer thus also really needs, and we thus are however also not talking about the sales pitch here.

While however every business is thus unique, below however are some of the pointers that can thus also help most of the SME businesses thus become a formidable brand with its own business identity :
1. Also, build on the customer experience, better still, one must also think of them as the advisors. One must also make them feel as if they however are a part of the team–If one however has an outstanding product or service, the customers will thus also use it. They will thus also spread the word and also in turn will thus also enhance the customer base for one . This is thus also the best way of however creating the viral quotient or either WOM for the product. One, build mechanisms at the different touch points of the business, in order to engage with the user base and will thus also learn from their actions and feedback. One must also act in order to improve on the experience which one is thus delivering at all times. There is thus always room to be better than before. Listening to the feedback and also engaging with the customers is thus also vital in the each and every interaction. One can thus also really raise the bar and also make them feel also like a part of the team. A word of caution though: one is also don’t just collect the feedback but should also act swiftly or it will thus also backfire.
2. Partner with someone who is also targeting the same audience– One get that cross promotion exposure by however identifying the places where one’s audience congregates - thus also both online and offline. One must also think about how one can thus also introduce the brand. Business in the beginning is thus however also about making the strange partnerships. So, one must go ahead and also identify that ecosystem partner.
3. Be present, be visible, be honest– This thus also doesn’t mean just blogging or either having a Facebook page or a Twitter handle with the company name. Thus, also in other words, being active on the social media. One should thus also be doing that anyways. It thus also literally means one also to be everywhere. One also want to be that brand that the people also notice when they’re thus also walking down the streets. Even if they also don’t know what one’s startup does, they’ll also recognize one’s name. One must also establish one’s brand as a subject-matter expert.
4. Build the character of your SME – One must also thus one work in order to create a personality for the Startup, one must think of the brand as a person and also what it needs in order to signify to the audience, then one must also create content and also communication always thinking of the same.
The journey of however building a Small & Medium size Enterprise thus also has its share of ups and downs; what is thus also required of you, is that nimble handling thus at the turn, that however reviving up at the straights and also fueling at the right spots. So one must also fasten up the seat belts and also enjoy the ride while one builds the SME Brand.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


5 reasons why sustainability and social issues attract customers

2017-08-08 16:07:36 | Legal Services
With the advent of digitization and the internet, life has resulted in being easy and also convenient once again, starting with a customer’s journey from thus buying a product online to however completing a transaction, thus all at a click of a button.

The knowledgeable consumers however want more than the latest fashions, technologies and also the entertainment options: They are thus also concerned about the environmental issues, fair trade and also social equality. And they thus also want to purchase their goods and services from the companies who however are responsive to these issues.

This connection between both the economic and social choices thus provides the entrepreneurs with great marketing opportunities, and thus there are at least five reasons as to why adding a focus on the sustainability or other social issues will however help one to thus expand the customer base.
The purpose of this article is however to make the reader aware of those 5 reasons only as to why sustainability and social issues attract the customers.
Below listed are the 5 reasons :
1. Rational versus emotional
People however believe their purchasing decisions are thus based on the rational choices, but most of the consumers also thus decide as to what is one supposed to buy and also from whom is one supposed to buy it from, which is however based on their emotions. All of those hot-button issues such as deforestation or hunger thus in the developing world can thus also become marketing tools if one’s company uses the recycled paper and the electronic receipts, or either a percentage of the profits thus also goes toward supporting a charity that thus nourishes the hungry children.
Most of the consumers thus also seek an emotional connection and also want to feel good about how they spend their money. Marketing the actions of the company thus also takes to respond to the selected hot-button issues provides that feel-good experience for the customers, which can thus also be translated into an emotional connection with the business. This effort thus also leads to brand awareness and also customer loyalty.
2. Cause-based spending
Some of the consumers are thus also passionate about various causes, yet they feel powerless in the face of the government choices or the corporate decision-making. These people thus also choose to purchase products from the companies that however support their causes or to either oppose the same things which they however do, such as animal cruelty and also the genetically modified foods.
Cause-based spending can thus also have a significant impact on the small businesses. When it is however faced with the option of thus purchasing the two products which are of equal quality, 90 percent of the people thus choose to purchase the cause-branded product or to either buy from a cause-branded company.
3. Hot-button topics
These topics thus also often arise from a trending news story, health issue or either a social challenge, and one can thus also use these issues in order to effectively and tactfully promote the products or the services.
One too can thus also capitalize on the public policy issues by thus using the marketing tools that however promote one’s commitment in a variety of ways. Sustainable practices, for example, save one money, and one can thus also pass those savings along to the customers.
3. Education as entertainment
Marketing to the environmental or the social causes can thus also take the form of entertainment.
The result was thus a perfect blending of education, emotional connection and also the brand awareness. Education as an entertainment can thus also be done on a much smaller scale with however a simple but also a heartfelt video of the company president who is however also explaining as to why the company supports a particular cause and also specifically as to how the people who shop with one are thus participating in the process.
5. Social media trends
Whether it’s either through Instagram or Twitter, trending topics on the social media can thus also help in order to create targeted marketing and also sales campaigns. One can thus also integrate these issues with the current social media campaigns, such as the reveal-based content and the quizzes in order to increase the target audience engagement.
One must also use the platforms in order to inform, educate and also connect with the like-minded consumers on the causes or the issues which one however supports . one’s business will thus also be linked to the trend and also the benefit from the exposure. Whatever one’s passion, one will find millions of others who thus share it and will also want to connect and also support the efforts, which will thus also translate into increased sales.
Backbased line
Cause-based marketing is thus considered as an excellent opportunity in order to present the environmental, sustainable actions or the social passion with the target audience. One’s efforts will thus also promote the issues which one cares about and the business.
People who thus also support the specific causes are thus also more likely in order to spend their money at the businesses that thus share their interests. One must however Use social media and also the other opportunities in order to educate and also entertain the people about one’s cause as well as the products and the services to however build brand awareness and the increased revenues.
Thus customer satisfaction however plays an important role within the business. It is however not only the leading indicator in order to measure customer loyalty, identify the unhappy customers, reduce churn and also increase revenue; it is thus also a key point of differentiation that helps one in order to attract new customers in the competitive business environments.And we must thus not forget the fact that satisfied customers would only be attracted .

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


Investing in a startup can be risky , follow these tips to play safe

2017-08-08 16:07:33 | Legal Services
A business however has high probability in order to succeed if it can thus solve an existing problem and thus also has some of the immediate users.

The demand and supply of money, however so far, has thus also simply been dependant on the attractiveness of the business plans which are thus also presented by the start-ups and also the returns as it is thus seen from the investor’s lens. In many of the cases, the start-ups also have not been able in order to scale and also have a shut down their shops or either also have scaled but are also unable in order to generate the returns even after years of operation.

Thus, investing in a young company also involves high risk, but can thus also be rewarding for the investors looking for the high returns. The, New Investors however are also considering the investments in the start-ups should thus also be mindful of the usual pitfalls and also understand the risks before however making investments.

Thus , the purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of the fact as to how investing in a startup can thus also be risky and as to what tips one should follow to play safe.
If one is however also considering getting into the space, one can thus also refer to the following guidelines for however a general overview of both Dos and Don’ts before thus making an investment.

1. Considering the business objective , one must thus also see if either the business solves an existing problem. Also, one will also have at least a few potential customers that will thus utilize the solution offered . If one is also investing in a business that thus also has at least some of the immediate users, there is thus a high probability that the business will however succeed. One must also not get trapped thus by a potential need in future. Only businesses that however are right in time will thus also be efficient enough in order to create returns on the investments.

2.One must also consider the proposed revenue model when it is also compared with the competition. If the problem is also thus being addressed is also well known , there is thus also a likelihood that there are however many solutions which are offered in the market. One must also evaluate if the proposed revenue model is thus likely to perform better when it is however compared with the competition. Sometimes the proposed revenue model may thus also be feasible but it may not also be scalable.

3.Success of a great business idea is thus also dependent on the people who are however working on it. One must evaluate the strengths of the people who are involved in the business. Most of the investors thus also invest in the people smarter thus also than them. One thus also has to make it also absolutely certain that the proposed team is thus also more than its words and is thus also capable of executing the proposed business model.

4. Also, one must make sure that one asks for a business plan and also thus evaluate the execution strategy in detail. The assumptions which are thus made should also be grounded with the market reality. It is thus also possible to go to moon, but there is thus a cost and it also has to make sense.
5. Founders thus also have to be deeply involved with their own money for the success of their business idea. Get the founding members in order to invest capital.

1. One must not put all the eggs into one basket. Diversify the investments in the several start-ups and also in other assets.

2. If one also do not understand the business, one must also not invest unless one is thus investing with someone who thus does understand the business.

3. Most of the start-ups are thus also cash flow negative however for the first couple of years, meaning that they thus burn more money than they make. Therefore, the investors must thus understand that start-up investment is thus also a long term game. One should also not expect the immediate gains.
4. One must thus also quit the ritual of following the herd. One must not go where everyone is going as that’s thus an opportunity that however won’t last for very long.

5. Thus, on a concluding note, investing in a promising start-up can thus also be rewarding, provided that one follows the rules of the game. Additionally, one also needs to be realistic and also not let oneself to be fooled by pretentious Jargons and the aesthetics.

Even if one is however truly invested in thus investing in a startup, the odds are always against you. It’s thus the law of startups—mathematically which happens to be the reasons of the most likely exit for a startup. Thus the above mentioned do’s and dont’s should be kept in mind before one is investing in a startups as startups are a risky venture.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


Here's how to save the planet and make a profit

2017-08-08 16:07:31 | Legal Services
You however are not required to be Captain Planet to however save the planet for the future generations -- and you can thus also make a profit doing it.

It however took just four days in 2016 for a river in the northern Canada to dry up completely; painted crosswalks in New Dehli melted earlier this year thus due to record-high temperatures; and also NASA had recently learned Earth is experiencing its highest levels of carbon dioxide thus for the first time in roughly 4 million years.

Many of us will however read such startling information and will also go on with our daily lives. But if we’re smart -- and also we’re conscious -- we’ll thus invest in saving the planet, if not for ourselves, then for the future generations. So as an entrepreneur (who, however at a basic level, make it a goal thus every day in order to improve the world where and also how we can), thus doesn’t it make sense to start doing it on a global scale?

Promoting sustainability is thus not only considered as a great humanitarian move -- it’s thus also a highly lucrative one.

The purpose of this article is to make the reader as to in what ways can the entrepreneurs make a difference while still turning a profit? Innovation in the sustainability industry is considered as plentiful, and the entrepreneurs can capitalize.
Sustain the earth, and your cash flow.
Myriad opportunities however exist in the sustainability arena, and also several entrepreneurs -- even the bigwigs are however cashing in on the movement. Currently, some of the areas thus boast more potential growth than the others:

Autonomous driving: The notion of self-driving cars has thus however been on the tips of tongues for years now, but thus the environmentally friendly aspects that are however attached to the concept aren’t thus usually the top reason why. For the entrepreneurs, however, they should be. Research had highlighted in an Elsevier report found that in five years, thus close to one-third of trucks in the U.K. could thus also be self-driven; by 2040, three-quarters of all the cars in the region could be.

Health: also, Taking care of ourselves thus also goes hand in hand with taking care of the planet: The better we also do, thus the better the environment does. Leading healthcare organizations such as Kaiser Permanente are however doing what they can to however instill environmental stewardship, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between both good health and also good earth. Preventing the environmental causes of illness is considered as the main objective of the sustainability program. We thus however also recognize that the health care industry’s impact on pollution and also waste is substantial, and one should always want to be proactive in combatting it.

The healthcare industry is thus also embracing the movement through the use of renewable energy, purchasing of more efficient products and also practicing the same diets it encourages patients to (such as eating homegrown, sustainably farmed foods). The use of renewable energy (as it is thus also opposed to the harmful fossil fuels) significantly it also lowers global warming emissions.

Lastly, also consuming foods from the homegrown sources also lowers the pesticide consumption, as well as the workers' exposure to harmful chemicals in the field.

Agriculture: Investing in the agriculture, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, can thus also greatly reduce the effects of climate change. In 2016, the FAO’s deputy director had said, “Agriculture can thus also play a crucial role in making the response in order to climate change responsible and also more effective.” Agriculture, in particular, is thus also severely impacted by the damaging effects of the climate change. Entrepreneurs who thus invest in the industry -- such as Bill Gates, who had founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (who is one of the largest advocates of agricultural research and development) and who thus also happens to be the No. 1 funder of genetic engineering research -- can thus also help combat these devastating consequences, which in turn also makes a small dent in the road to climate change recovery.
So, the entrepreneurs, would thus now know as to in what are they supposed to invest in. The next challenge is thus actually doing it.

One must however Leverage the power of AI for climate solutions.
Artificial intelligence isn’t however just a cool trend; it’s thus also an incredibly effective one, and its implications are thus also being explored for the climate change and also the food security concerns. “The power of AI technology is it can thus also solve the problems that scale however to the whole planet. Recent developments in AI for the sustainability purposes thus also include anything from identifying of the deforestation and how fast it’s occurring to predicting the energy demands in order to ensure a matching supply. Now is thus the time to tap into the limitless potential of AI, especially if one thus plans to tackle the ever-changing climate and its insidious effects. Perhaps thus the most effective way in order to use AI as an entrepreneur is also through mining big data involving the cause of the choice, and then having one’s team decipher that data and plan one’s course in detail.
So while you’re thus no Captain Planet or Superman saving the world one good deed at a time, you thus also are an innovator, and you're thus also one who can make a difference for the future generations -- our children and their children. An entrepreneur is not a superhero, but since an entrepreneur has a a big heart -- he must add some funds and the power of tech to the mix, and then one would get the world in his hands.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.


Reasons why travel should be an essential part of building your business

2017-08-08 13:11:55 | Legal Services
While it’s thus not a proven fact, many of today’s successful business leaders thus however believe that traveling actually plays an important developmental role in thus becoming a better entrepreneur. From learning as to how to communicate in different ways to thus experiencing new cultures, the entire process of traveling is thus also believed to have profound effects on thus more than just the personal life.
Taking one’s business on the road might even seem impractical. Not only does one have to deal with the practical realities of tasks and the deadlines that are however looming over the head, but also the location factors heavily into how much one can thus accomplish in a given day.
The purpose of this article is to state the reasons as to why travel should be considered as an essential part of building the business.
Here are the reasons to take the startup on the road.
1. Ability to adapt. Travel, like business, thus involves changing plans and also finding ways in order to adapt to new the environments. Flights get delayed, bags get lost, hotels are hard to find, and also the list continues. While these issues may thus also seem like hindrances at the time, they thus also serve as real-life teaching moments. As an entrepreneur, one will thus be required to be flexible, and the situations will thus arise when one will however be forced to pivot. The experiences which one has while traveling will thus shape as to how one handles these situations in the workplace.
2. Better communication. Communication is considered as an art form, whether one believes it or not. It’s also not just knowing as to how to put the words together, but it also includes being able to control the body language, make impressions, and also lead with authority. When traveling, Language barriers and cultural differences may be thus however be challenging to handle, but one finds creative ways in order to get around them. Entrepreneurs also later find that these experiences thus helped to shape as to how they communicate and also network with the peers.
3. Teamwork skills. One of the biggest advantages to traveling in a group is thus the ability in order to grow as a team. New experiences in the foreign environments thus allow the people to grow in the ways they never thought possible
4. Cultural awareness. Also, In today’s global economy, even the young entrepreneurs with the small startups should thus expect to interact with the foreign cultures; it’s thus the nature of the internet-driven marketplace. Traveling thus also provides a look at other cultures, in order to show that different isn’t thus necessarily bad. In fact, most thus also walk away believing that different is thus actually good!
5. Time management. Logistically, traveling is thus also all about time management. From getting to the airport on time in order to catch the flight to however also making time to however experience all the things which one wants to see, ambitious travelers don’t thus let their guard down. This skill thus obviously translates back to business and also instills a better sense of time management in those who however have extensive experience traveling.
6. Networking. Practically speaking, the entrepreneurs can use also traveling as a networking tool. It allows one in order to build relationships with the people around the world, which can thus also come in handy when they are starting a new venture. Beneath the surface, it thus also helps strengthen networking skills by forcing one out of the comfort zone and also to interact with people whom one otherwise wouldn’t talk to.
7. Working with the constraints. Traveling thus also teaches one how to work with what one has got, which often means limited resources. Also, one is often limited to what fits in a single suitcase, meaning one has to be smart about what one brings . Furthermore, how one uses these items will thus also prove important. Situations will thus also force one to stretch the resources, and one will however also learn to adapt. As an entrepreneur, one thus also won’t have everything which one needs to launch a new venture. Whether it’s either a lack of funding, human capital, or either technology, one will thus have to work with what one has
8. Leadership. These skills can thus also result in one thus becoming a better leader. Traveling also teaches leadership every step of the way. Whether one is on his own or either with companions, one is also forced to make decisions and interact with those around you. This ability in order to lead while traveling will thus help one to lead as an entrepreneur as well.
9. 9. You’ll learn to be more productive.Travel forces one to also focus on the one variable which one can control as an entrepreneur, which is one’s work habit.
Traveling also acts as a great motivator in order to get the work done. Not only is there an abundance of the activities and places in order to explore in the new location, but it's also a constant reminder of the life which one wants and the freedom which one is trying to create. There is also no time for procrastination.
Additionally, since one is also constantly moving from a given time zone to another, one’s reliance on technology increases.
10. You will find inspiration. Many of the entrepreneurs also put their heads down, put their blinders on and also go to work on their business venture without however looking up. While hard work is considered as a part and parcel of building a successful business, not stopping to reflect can also hurt one’s ability in order to come up with new ideas and also find inspiration. Traveling can thus also lead to some of the amazing insights about how things work.
11. Travel can reduce your costs.When it comes to the expenses, most of the people also thus tend to think staying put is the best way to keep costs down.
Today, it’s thus easier than ever to build the business from anywhere. By leveraging technology, keeping focused on the top-level priorities and also giving yourself time to rest and also reflect, one can thus also significantly increase the success of the business.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.