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2016年12月24日 13時08分00秒 | 日記
Push-ups :23 times
Walking :0 minutes
Standing on one foot :10 minutes each
Cigarettes :0
jogging-on-the-spot :0 minutes

Five years and fifteen days in a row have passed since I broke my bad habit of smoking.
I was able to keep at least 20-time push-ups for the nineteenth succeesive day
including the most recent four days of 23 times of them.

Though it is greatly sunny today in Nagoya, it is actually cold just like weather forecasts.
Anyway, I feel relieved now because the length of daytime is getting longer and longer
little by little, maybe about one minute per day, after the Winter Solstice.
I have to extend my gratitude to the solar motion, which is really strict and divine.
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