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2018年05月20日 13時30分05秒 | 日記

Push-ups :17 times
Walking :48 minutes
Standing on one foot :10 minutes each
Cigarettes :0
jogging-on-the-spot :0 minutes

I was able to keep no-smoking for seven years and one hundred and sixty-two days in a row.
I was also able to keep more than 9-time push-ups for the one year and ninth
consecutive day including the lastest four days of 17 times of them.

It's crisp and greatly sunny in Nagoya today and I feel just a little cold.
I've renewed my awareness that being free of accident is really a happy thing.
Which means, what looks like a indifference can be actually an important determinant
of happiness including daily safe and health.
Anyway, today again, I have to be wise enough to guard against any accident.

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