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2018年06月18日 13時56分17秒 | 日記

Push-ups :16 times
Walking :77 minutes
Standing on one foot :10 minutes each
Cigarettes :0
jogging-on-the-spot :0 minutes

I have been able to do without smoking for seven years and one hundred and ninety-one days in a row.
I tried increasing the number of push-ups by only one time to 16 times, and kept
greater than 12-time push-ups for the fourth successive day.

It had been raining in Nagoya since early this morning and I thought it would
stop raining when I tried to leave home for the workplace, but actually it didn't.
And now, it's greatly sunny now.
An earthquake of seismic intensity six lower on the Japanese scale hit Osaka prefecture.
I feel sorry that a little girl and an elderly man passed away in accidents related to the quake.
I really hope there will be no more victims.