Thursday Groove

FM上越 本放送・毎週木曜日(21時~22時)再放送・毎週日曜日(22時~23時)の音楽番組のプレイリストです。

Thursday Groove 2018年11月15日 プレイリスト(第475回)

2018-11-15 22:00:00 | 音楽


M-01 The Poor Ditching Boy / Richard Thompson / Henry the Human Fly

 Tear-Stained Letter / Richard Thompson
 / Hand of Kindness

M-03 Little Blue Number 
/ Richard Thompson / Across a Crowded Room

M-04 Turning of the Tide / Richard Thompson / Amnesia

M-05 Keep Your Distance / Richard Thompson / Rumor and Sigh

M-06 King of Bohemia / Richard Thompson / Mirror Blue

M-07 Bathsheba Smiles / Richard Thompson / Mock Tudor

M-08 A Love You Can't Survive
 / Richard Thompson / The Old Kit Bag

M-09 If Love Whispers Your Name
 / Richard Thompson / Dream Attic

M-10 Her Love Was Meant for Me / Richard Thompson / 13 Rivers

M-2,5,6,9 岩船芳治さん

Thursday Groove 2018年11月08日 プレイリスト(第474回)

2018-11-08 22:00:00 | 音楽

M-01 Wild Honey / Robben Ford / Purple House 

M-02 Don't Take My Sunshine
 / The Soul Children / Genesis

M-03 Days of Wine and Roses / Bill Evans & Toots Thielemans  / Affinity

M-04 Days of Wine and Roses / Bill Evans & Tony Bennett / The Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Recordings

M-05 Yardbird Suite / Tal Farlow / The Swinging Guitar of Tal Farlow

M-06 Old Song / Eddi Reader / Cavalier

M-07 Willie and Laura Mae Jones
 / Tony Joe White / Black and White

M-08 Raining on My Life
 / Tony Joe White / Beginning
Shigelu Mochizukiさん
RIP Tony Joe White

M-09 Love Ain't Somethin' (That You Get for Free) / Wah-Wah Watson / Elementary
RIP Wah-Wah Watson

M-10 Big Jay's Shuffle / Big Jay McNeely / In the Groove
RIP Big Jay McNeely

M-11 Criss-Cross
 / Sonny Fortune / Four in One
RIP Sonny Fortune

Thursday Groove 2018年11月01日 プレイリスト(第473回)

2018-11-01 22:00:00 | 音楽

フィリ-・ソウル特集 第6弾

M-01 T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia) / MFSB
M-02 Don't Let It Go to Your Head / Jean Carn
 / Philadelphia International Records: The 40th Anniversary Box Set

M-03 I'm Not in Love 
/ Dee Dee Sharp / Happy 'Bout the Whole Thing

M-04 Straighten Out [US Atlantic Single Edit] / Anglo-Saxon Brown / Songs for Evolution

M-05 Hooked on You / David Simmons / The World Belongs to Me

M-06 Cheaters Never Win / Love Committee / Law & Order

M-07 Doin' the Dog(Radio Mix) / Creme d'Cocoa / Nasty Street

M-08 Give A Broken Heart A Break
 / Impact / Impact

M-09 You are Everything
 / Joe Simon / Drowning in the Sea of Love

M-10 That's How Long I'll Be Loving You / Bunny Sigler / That's How Long I'll Be Loving You