Thursday Groove

FM上越 本放送・毎週木曜日(21時~22時)再放送・毎週日曜日(22時~23時)の音楽番組のプレイリストです。

Thursday Groove 2018年07月05日 プレイリスト(第456回)

2018-07-05 22:00:00 | 音楽

M-01 21st Century Gypsy Singin' Lover Man / Taj Mahal / Senor Blues

M-02 Way Down South / Matt "Guitar" Murphy
 / Way Down South
RIP Matt "Guitar" Murphy

M-03 Coming Your Way / Fleetwood Mac / Then Play On
RIP Danny Kirwan


M-04 Blues for A Living / Eddy Clearwater / The Chief
RIP Eddy Clearwater

M-05 Alone and Motherless / The Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama / Testify! The Gopel Box
RIP Clarence Fountain

M-06  Those About to Die / Colosseum / Those Who Are About to Die Salute You

M-07 Walking in The Park / Colosseum / Colosseum Live
RIP Jon Hiseman

M-08  Mellow Mellow Right On / Lowrell Simon / Lowrell
RIP Lowrell Simon

M-09  Don't be Cruel / Elvis Presley / Elvis Presley Hitstory
RIP D.J. Fontana

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