Thursday Groove

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Thursday Groove 2017年04月13日 プレイリスト(第393回)

2017-04-13 22:00:00 | 音楽

M-01   Have a Little Faith in Me / John Hiatt / Bring the Family
R.I.P. John Chelew

M-02   Reelin' and Rockin'(Live) / Chuck Berry / The Chess Box
R.I.P. Chuck Berry

M-03 Dealin' with the Devil / Waters, Winter & Cotton / Breakin' It Up & Breakin' It Down
R.I.P. James Cotton

 Metamorphosis / World Saxophone Quartet / Metamorphosis
R.I.P. Arthur Blythe

M-05 We Are Family / Sister Sledge / We Are Family
R.I.P. Joni Sledge

M-06 And You Never Knew / Howdy Moon / Howdy Moon

M-07 Back to Blue Some More / Valerie Carter / Just a Stone's Throw Away
R.I.P. Valerie Carter

M-08  Who Can I Run To / The Jones Girls / The Jones Girls
R.I.P. Brenda Jones

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