Thursday Groove

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Thursday Groove 2018年06月14日 プレイリスト(第453回)

2018-06-14 22:00:00 | 音楽

Invictus、 Hot Wax 特集

M-01 Roller Coaster / Danny Woods
 / Aries

M-02 Chairmen of the Board 
M-03 Pay to the Piper 
 / Chairmen of the Board / In Session

M-04 Want Ads 
/ Honey Cone / Sweet Replies

M-05 I Had It All (Single Vesion) / Barrino Brothers / Livin' High Off the Goodness of Your Love
Shigelu Mochizukiさん

M-06 Women's Love Rights / Laura Lee / Women's Love Rights

M-07 Gimme Shelter (Single Version) / Ruth Copeland / I Am What I Am

M-08  Love Goes Deeper Than That / Eloise Laws / Ain't It Good Feeling Good

M-09  Three Thousand Miles From Home / New York Port Authority / Three Thousand Miles From Home

M-10 Love Machine (Part 1)
 / The Politicians / The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson 

M-11 Bright City Lights / Satisfaction Unlimited / Think of the Children 

M-12 I've Been in Love / The Smith Connection / Under My Wings 

M-13  Breakdown (Mono Single Version) / Parliament / Osmium
Shinichiro Ishitsuboさん 

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