Thursday Groove

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Thursday Groove 2018年05月17日 プレイリスト(第449回)

2018-05-17 22:00:00 | 音楽

M-01 Concussion / Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio / Close But No Cigar

M-02 Romaria / Andy Sheppard Quartet 
/ Romaria

M-03 Everybody's Coming to My House / David Byrne / American Utopia


M-04 Anana Oyé / Brenda Navarrets / Mi Mund

M-05 Folegandros / Sílvia Pérez Cruz / Joia

追悼 Ronald Dumbar

M-06  Band of Gold / Freda Payne / Band of Gold/Contact/Best Of/Reaching Out 

M-07  Crumbs Off the Table / The Glass House / Inside the Glass House/Thanks I Needed That

M-08  Trapped in a Love / Barrino Brothers / Livin' High Off the Goodness of Your Love

M-09  Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup) / 100 Proof (Aged in Soul) / Somebody's Been Sleeping/100 Proof Aged in Soul

M-10 You've Got to Crawl (Before You Walk)
 / 8th Day / The 8th Day

M-11  Sunday Morning People / Honey Cone / Take Me With You/Sweet Replies/Soulful Tapestry/Love, Peace And Soul

M-12  Patches / Chairmen of the Board / Give me Just A Little More Time 

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