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Role of Yoga in Sports

2014-09-27 11:38:49 | 日記
Yoga focuses on harmony between mind and body. To achieve this, yoga uses movements, breath, posture, relaxation and mediation in order to establish a healthy, lively and balanced approach to life. Yoga plays an important role in games and sports also. Yoga improves near about all physical fitness and wellness components required by sportsman.

Paschimottanasans: Paschimottanasans literally translated as "intense stretch of the west". A yoga position where one sits on the floor with legs flat on the floor, straight ahead. Lift spine long, hinge from the hips instead of the waist. Learn forward without bending your knees. Focus on bringing chest forward, not on bringing the head to the floor.

A similar frontbend is uttanasana which is a standing front bend. Some consider Paschimottanasans to be a safer stretch since gravity is less of a factor than active flexibility in achieving flexibility in the furthest reaches of the stretch. It is more passive in its initial stages, making it a good transition between the two forms. The arms can also more easily support the upper body in this vulnerable position, and can be used both to move further into or move out of the stretch.

Unlike Uttanasana it is also much easier to move the legs, rotating them inwards or outwards, abducting or adducting them at the hip, flexing or extending the knees, or enacting plantar or dorsi flexion of the ankle. These variations can be performed either as a combined stretch, to change emphasis on different tissues, or simply to takes one's mind off the hamstrings and lower back being stretched. They can be rhythmically to aid in relaxation.

Dhanurasana : Dhanurasana or Bow pose is a yoga posein which the practitioner lies on their bolly, grabs their feet, and lifts the legs into the shape of a bow. Dhanurasana is also called Urdva Chakrasana. Improoerly executed, this pose could compromise the knees and the spine. Because the spine is placed out of alignment and pressure is applied, this pose can lead to ruptured disks. Any backward extension of the spine should be done exclusively using the back muscles and should never be forced. In addition the spine should always be extended fully from hip bones to the head before moving into any pose. It is always appropriate in any yoga cl[censored] to skip a dangerous pose in favour of another. In this case, locust pose is appropriate.

Halasana : Halasana or the plow pose, is yoga pose or asana, in which the practitioner lies on the floor, lifts their legs, and then places them behind the head. Practitioners should be advised that this pose can put significant strain on the cervical spine. This pose can cause an injury if not performed properly. It is recommended practitioners conult with a qualified yoga instructor before attemting this or other advanced pose.

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