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Facelift: Know the Recovery Process

2015-02-04 11:08:28 | 日記
If you are considering getting a facelift in order to look years younger, you should first know what to expect during the recovery stage. It is always good to know how long you need to request off work, and when you can show off your new look.

If you plan to get a facelift in order to take a few years off your appearance, you are likely wondering when you can expect to see results. You should also be curious about how long you will need to recover. Finding out the answers to these questions before surgery is wise.

As you probably know, you should plan to look quite different from usual directly following the procedure, as you will go home with bandages and stitches on your face. You will also probably need drainage tubes to remove some excess fluid. You can expect all of these to be removed within a few days of the surgery, though some stitches may have to stay put for up to a week in order to heal properly.

Right after the facelift, you will need someone to drive you home since you will probably be affected still by the pain medication you are given. When you arrive home, be ready to just lie down and relax for a few days. In fact, keeping your head elevated on some pillows can help decrease swelling. You will likely feel like simply sleeping, watching television, and just generally resting as your body heals from the procedure, so be prepared to get very little done around the house for the first week or so. Of course, you should take at least a week off of work, though taking up to two weeks off is usually recommended.

It is normal for the skin to feel a bit numb or tingly after the facelift, and swelling and bruising are both normal. Needless to say, it is not a good idea to schedule any activities or photo shoots for several weeks after the surgery since your face will not display the results you are looking for yet. In fact, you may not heal completely for up to six months. As long as you continue to go to your doctor appointments afterward and see gradual results, you should know that you are healing properly.

Clearly, having a facelift is not a good way to get the face you want overnight. Though the surgery itself is quite short, recovery can be a long process that is often uncomfortable. However, you can look forward to getting the results you seek within a few months in most cases. The majority of patients who opt for a facelift are quite satisfied with their result, which is why this is such a popular surgery.

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