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2015-01-05 15:01:16 | 日記
Each individual has his/her own likings towards sports and games. The most enjoyable and a refreshing activity liked by many people these days is the skate boarding. Nowadays trends are changing and so are the likings. Earlier skate boarding activities were not much appreciated and welcomed by many people but these days not only children but even many parents are welcoming and also encouraging their children to learn the activity of skate boarding because it is said that children who ride the skate boards are quite very healthy and confident than the other children. This is also a type of exercise which helps the children to build up their stamina and strength. The more they practice and perform the healthier they become.

My friends' son is a very perfect skate board rider and seeing him even my children wanted to learn how to ride the skate board. I have two sons and they both were eager to learn the skate boarding tricks. So I decided to put them both for the training. Now their training had come to a conclusion and they wanted skate boards. I was just behaving that I was avoiding buying the skate boards for them but actually I wanted to surprise them. On the eve of Christmas I decided that I will keep their skate boards under the Christmas tree and when they wake up in the morning they will be delighted to see their new skate boards. I worked according to my plan and truly, the happiness which I could see on the faces the next day was incredible! They were so delighted and enthusiastic to get the new skate boards and it will indeed a double excitement for them because it was Christmas Eve and they received many other gifts from my wife also.

I had bought the complete kit of the skate board accessories which included the skate shoes, the elbow pads, the wrist braces, the knee pads, the helmet and other important protective gears. All the gears were important and I made a point that when ever they went to the park or the club to ride the skate board they were equipped with all the protective gears. This is a preventive measure which has to be taken seriously by all the skate board riders. While the helmet was of the best quality, I could not even deny the fact that the skate boards were also very elegantly and toughly built and they were also heavy weighted and this indicated that my children could ride on it very confidently and perfectly because the heavy weighted skate boards are far better than the light weight skate boards. The wheels of the skate boards were big and also very durable. The knee pads which I had bought for them were the 187 Pro Knee Pads X Large which were priced for $ 66.99 each and I had bought two sets each for one child. These were some of the best protective knee pads and my children just loved all the accessories.

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