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Taste of Autumn

2022年10月21日 | ★STARRY★

Autumn in Japan is the Best Season. You probably already know that autumn is the season to watch the leaves change color and enjoy Halloween.

But in Japan, autumn is the best season for many things. My Japanese friend said that autumn is the best season for eating. He said Japan has a lot of seasonal delicious food in the fall. Like what I did last weekend, me and my Japanese friend went to a restaurant because he wanted me to experience the taste of autumn.

First, I ate Seared Bonito is called ‘katsuo no tataki’ (鰹のたたき, pounded bonito). ‘Katsuo’ (鰹) is bonito and ‘tataki’ (たたき) means pounding in Japanese. But he said these days if the fillet is seared and served as slices, the dish is called ‘tataki’ even without pounding it. He told me that Katsuo no tataki is now considered to be the local specialty of Kōchi prefecture. And when I researched Kochi. Kōchi prefecture is famous for the angling fishing of bonito for commercial supply. When the fish is caught using a fishing rod instead of using nets, the stress level of the fish is much lower and thus, the quality of the fish is better that’s why it is delicious.

Second, I ate the Salt-grilled sweet fish. A sweetfish is a river fish that is the most famous in Japan. I`m not a fan or I don`t eat river fish but this one is the best. The sweetfish bone is soft, it can all eat every bone and can taste the sweetness and creaminess of the fish.

 Lastly, I ate salt-fried ginkgo nuts. It`s a weird feeling that I ate Ginkgo nuts because I have never eaten this kind of nut before. It makes me wonder how this kind of nut tastes delicious because the leaves of the ginkgo tree are smelly and it`s like stinky cheese odor. But to sum it up, the taste of Autumn is the best to experience and gives me good appetite. Autumn fills my belly. 


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