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Travs' Friday Update

2019年04月19日 | ★STARRY★

   Wassup Everyone..... It's me, Travis sensei  

Thanks to all of you, I am feeling stronger and stronger ...Thank you  Love you all so much  .

It is now cherry blossom season in Japan and Easter season around the world. Easter is the celebration of Jesus conquering death for the payment of all people's sins, if you accept this gift. That's the meaning of Easter. But many people like to celebrate by coloring eggs and hunting for them and eating lots of candy....OH YEAH  


Did you notice .....  

We have 2 new friends for "Orange". They do not have names yet. What is your idea for a new name I will name them what you like. OK 

Have a nice weekend... PLEASE BE SAFE.....TRAVIS SENSEI...   

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