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The Gentle Giant

2022年04月29日 | ★STARRY★

Yesterday, we had an activity making their own T-shirt design. I was really suprised that my student is wearing a T-shirt and has a design of the most popular marine animal in the Philippines called "BUTANDING" or the Whale shark. 

"Butanding" or the whale shark is one of the world’s gentlest giants. Slow swimming filter-feeders, Rhincodon typus currently holds the record for the largest fish species in the entire world. Whale sharks can reach incredible lengths of up to 40 feet, and can weigh up 20 metric tons. While intimidating in size, a whale shark’s diet consists primarily of plankton. Unlike most of their feared cousins, whale sharks use a method called filter-feeding to catch their prey. They swim with their mouths wide open (almost five feet!) in order to catch large amounts of their tiny prey. The whale shark is only one of three species of shark that filter-feed. The whale shark sports a flattened head with a blunt snout and massive mouth. They are easily identified by their incredulous size, and by their coloration. The back and sides of a whale shark are grey or brown, with a white belly. However, they are known for the white spots and pale vertical and horizontal stripes along their back. These marine spece live in tropical and warm temperate seas. They generally swim the open oceans alone, though they tend to gather in areas that are abundant with plankton or other prey. This makes them a prime tourist attraction, as they are often gentle enough to swim beside quite safely. 

You can find this whale shark in the sea of Oslob Cebu Philipines. Coming to Cebu as a tourist will never be complete if you will not visit the famous whale shark. But wait, tourists are limited for a day because the local government doesn`t want to abuse the specie and its habitat. So Come to Cebu, let`s dive and swim together with the "Butanding" touching them is OK  and they won`t hurt you, they are so gentle and friendly.


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