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Travs' Friday Update

2019年02月22日 | ★STARRY★

IT'S ......F-R-I-D-A-Y..... H A L L E L U J A H 

Hey ... Wassup lovely people  Travis sensei here...How ya'll doing 

I dont see much snow this winter...Awwww Maaaan  

Hey...I found some more old pictures of my childhood...YES...I had Hair..LOL 


This is a picture of me in 1st grade, I think. Some Japanese people came to my school and we had culture day.

This is me digging a pit for our camp fire pit...my dad always gave me this job because I was the oldest. 

This is me and my brother Dallas and 2 step brothers Andy and Max...Yep...we are camping 

Have a nice weekend and be safe...Love you all  Travis sensei 

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