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2021年04月30日 | ★STARRY★

Hello, everyone! Today, I am a little sad because it is Yui-sensei's final day here. And last month, Travis-sensei left Starry, too. Both Yui and Travis were from the USA. So recently we had to say goodbye to 2 American teachers. But Starry also has 2 new teachers now: Marina-sensei and me. Marina and I both lived in Canada before. Marina is Japanese and I am Canadian. But I used to live in America too, so I want to introduce this country to you!!

Here is a map of America. Do you see California? It is the dark pink U.S. state on the bottom left side of the map. Yui has Japanese parents, but she lived in America. Travis and Yui were both from California, which is in the      south-west part of the United States. However, I lived in Florida. That's in the south-east part of the U.S. Do you see the bright yellow state on the bottom right side of the map? That was my home when I lived in America. My parents met each other in Florida and got married there. But they moved to Canada before I was born.

These are palm trees. Florida is famous for these kinds of trees. Warm places usually have these. California does too, but their palm trees are usually taller than Florida's. Florida palm trees have more variety, though. Another   thing that Florida is famous for is Disney World! 

Florida's Walt Disney World is much larger than Tokyo Disney Resort or California's Disneyland Resort. There are so many things to see there! I loved living in Florida. My mother lives there now, too. But it's very hot in Florida  during summer, so I'm happy I live in Sendai. I have good memories about Florida, though. For example, Florida is where I first started teaching English!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Golden Week. And please let me know if you ever want to learn more about America or the places there, such as Florida...

- Peter 

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