仙台 長町南 子供英会話スクール ことばわ~るど★STARRY★から情報発信!


2021年04月23日 | ★STARRY★

Happy Friday!! I have a question for you. Do you know this kind of bird?

It's called a cockatiel, which is オカメインコ in Japanese. Cockatiels are very, very cute. They have orange cheeks like Pikachu, and they are really friendly. I love them!

I have owned several cockatiels. I brought 2 cockatiels with me when I moved from Canada to Japan in 2019. Cockatiels usually live longer than dogs or cats. Some can even reach the age of 20 or 30. They are from Australia. 

One thing that cockatiels often enjoy is a hair-dryer. 

They like feeling warm air, so they open their wings and sometimes make happy sounds. But most cockatiels DON'T like being in a cage all the time. They want to be part of the family. Some of them watch TV or listen to music. A few cockatiels can sing or talk a little bit! They are great pets. Be careful, though!! Make sure all of your windows are closed if you have a bird that is outside of its cage. Every year, some birds fly away and get lost. Please keep your animals safe. They will be happy and give you a lot of love.

 This bird is saying "Have a nice weekend, everyone!"

- Peter

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