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Christmas in my country

2022年12月02日 | ★STARRY★

Christmas in the Philippines is known worldwide for being the longest-running celebrations for Christmas in the entire world. The country is famously renowned for starting their celebrations months before. One of the Christmas traditions in Philippines has them start their Christmas preparations during September. Called the “Ber Months” ( SeptemBER, OctoBER NovemBER and DecemBER), Filipinos get their Christmas spirits on at the start of September, and the celebrations run till the first Sunday of January when they celebrate the Feast of the Three Kings and end the celebrations. The country’s citizens are mostly Christians, with more than 80% of the Catholic, which makes Christmas the most important festival of the year in the whole country

Since the Christmas tradition in the Philippines begins early, here are some of the traditions that the Filipinos do during Christmas season.

We are making “Parols”   

Parols are one of the most significant and oldest Christmas traditions in the Philippines. These are basically lanterns, whose frame is made from bamboos and decorating papers.

Christmas Carol

Caroling in the Philippines begins during September. This is one of the most famous ways Merry Christmas in the Philippines is made so merry. There are many groups spread throughout the country who go out on the streets and markets and performs various famous holiday songs in both, the native language, as well as English.

Misa De Gallo or Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is a nine-day running mass starting from 16th December to worship and pray.

Christmas feast “Noche Buena”

One of the best Christmas in Philippines food traditions, Noche Buena is a grand celebration of the festival with a massive amount of food. that includes some of the most famous local delicacies like queso de bola, hams, pancit, lechon, puto bumbong and many more things.

These are some of our Christmas traditions that I will forever treasure.


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