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Balloon Festival

2022年11月25日 | ★STARRY★

Iwadeyama Balloon Festival in Osaki Miyagi is one of the biggest hot air balloon festival in Japan. It was held on November 19th-20th. This festival is my most awaited festival here in Miyagi. We arrived 5:30 AM at the venue because we are trying our luck to ride on a hot air balloon. We thought that is enough for an early registration because the balloon passengers are only limited. Maybe most of the guests went there very early to register and sadly we don`t have the chance to register because the passengers are already full.  We just watched and took pictures of the hot air balloon taking its flight up.


There’s just something about seeing a balloon, majestically traveling across the sky, trusting the weather and conditions to get there safely. And hot air balloon festivals show that off in multiple beauty.


They’re so fun to see and if you’re lucky enough to have been on a ride, you’ll know they’re incredibly fun to experience too. Yes, we are not lucky enough to ride on it. Maybe floating thousands of meters above ground, you really feel like you’re straight out of a Disney movie (Up) and it makes for such a magical experience.

 What’s even more magical is seeing not one balloon but 40 balloons. Pulling in their color and interesting designs along with their trusty pilots saying “hello” and “bye-bye” up in the air. It was a great experience and I will definitely go back again next year and I`ll make sure I will go there really early in the morning.


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