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2022年06月03日 | ★STARRY★

The Philippines is a tropical country,

it does not go through the cycle of four seasons normally enjoyed in Western countries.

The Pilippines, dry season is enough to bask in the glow of the morning sun!

However, there’s one feature of the dry season that most Filipinos do not like.

Even those foreign nationals who have been living in the Philippines for a long time

can vouch that the Philippines’ dry season is not all fun.

Why? There’s only one reason – the thunderstorms!

For sure you’ve heard about the thunderstorms. Once the dry season starts, thunderstorms will be mainstays in weather advisories.

You better bring an umbrella because all afternoons are expected to be wet and muddy because of these sudden downpours.

Like what happened today here in Miyagi, thunderstorm occur. I felt like I was in the Philippines watching how hard is the downpour of rain,

flashes of lightning and loud thunder. That`s why hearing loud thunder does not scares me at all because I was used to it.



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