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2021年06月04日 | ★STARRY★

Today, let's learn about a very important animal. It's the starfish! You have probably seen some starfish at Kotoba World, because there are two famous starfish in the logo of our school. They are "Star" (スター) and "Ry", whose name is pronounced like "Lee" (リー). Here they are:

Star is the one on the left, wearing a cowboy hat. He is really cool. And Ry is the one on the right, wearing a tiara. She is quite pretty! Did you know already that they are starfish?? I didn't know that, when I first started teaching here. Yui-sensei was the person who told me. Because of these two cute starfish, our school's nickname is "Starry" (which means 星のような in Japanese).  

The picture above shows real starfish. They are unique, because they have five arms. Some starfish live on the floor of the ocean, and some live near beaches. They come in many different colors. It's common for starfish to live for about ten years, but one type of starfish can live as long as 34 years! That's good news for Star and Ry, because they are still pretty young.

Starfish have to be careful of other animals that live in the ocean or near it, such as crabs. Some type of birds are also dangerous if they are hungry. For example, here is a seagull eating a starfish:

One way starfish protect themselves from crabs and birds is by not tasting very good!! So when it's lunch time, most animals want to eat something more delicious than starfish. What kind of seafood do YOU like? Which is better, do you think - sushi, or starfish??? 😉

- Peter