Preserve the memory webpage row place exactly the same

2019-12-06 16:11:22 | 科技

The AT24C01 is able of the 4-byte pagewrite.A website page compose is initiated similar to a byte compose but themicrocontroller would not mail a prevent condition just after the firstdata word is clocked in. As a substitute, soon after the EEPROMacknowledges receipt of the initial data phrase, the microcon-troller can transmit as much as three a lot more details words and phrases.

TheEEPROM will reply having a zero right after each individual knowledge wordreceived. The microcontroller will have to terminate the pagewrite sequence which has a stop condition .

The information word address reduce two bits are internally incre-mented subsequent the receipt of each data phrase.

The higherfive info word handle bits aren't incremented, retainingthe memory website page row spot. If the word address,internally generated, reaches the site boundary, the fol-lowing byte is put at the start of the same website page.

Ifmore than four information words are transmitted to the EEPROM,the data term deal with will “roll over”and past information willbe overwritten.Accept POLLING: Once the internally-timed generate cycle has started as well as the EEPROM inputs are dis-abled, admit polling could be initiated.