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◇Today's a la carte by genre

2017年01月02日 00時53分41秒 | Reference

◇Today's a la carte by genre 

原 発

再稼動シンゾウ細動AEDOperation-resume Shinzo fibrillation AED150920-e150924-a §1

伊方原発再稼動反対Opposing the re-run of Ikata nuclear power plant151009c151214-e §6

もんじゅの猿知恵Asinine idea of nuclear power generation Monju151210-a160404-b §17

伊方プルサーマル町議会Ikata pluthermal town council160405-a160414-d §19

新もんじゅの悪知恵New cunning of Monju160410-h160501-d §21


内 閣

まあいいじゃん内閣Self-satisfaction cabinet150823-b150924-e §2

新・大惨事アヘ内閣New catastrophe Ape cabinet151007-a151204-c §4

それだめじゃんアベばかりちゃんNon good, sympathizer of Abe150827-ff151220-a §7

後ろ指さされ隊大臣A minister like the leader who is pointed by a finger of derision160120-a160204-b §11

進撃のあかねちゃん…巨大化編Akane of the attack No1.…Becoming gigantic151005-a160310-c §14

五 輪

もうぶれぬ五輪解体エンブレムOlympic Games dismantling emblem not to change150925-l151130-a §3

森の中の五輪The Olympiad in the forest160207-a160424-h §20

井の中の五輪The Olympiad in the well160425-a160525-b §23


安 保

安保の騙し絵A illusion picture of security treaty150927i151211-a §5

暗法反対基地返せOpposing the dark law, and request to return the base150924g151223-c §8


法 案

電子赤紙マイナンバーElectronic draft card named My number151108-h151231-c §9


放 送

蒼白歌合戦The singing festival by pale national160104-a160110-b §10


政 治

晋・三本のイヤThree nyet of Shinzo150927-j160214-k §12

自民党緊急事態条項Liberal Democratic Party emergency clauses160214-c160317-a §15


議 員

議員特権・不倫育休Immoral childcare leave as Diet member's privilege160212-c160219-a §13


司 法

異憲最高裁The different constitutional Supreme Court151125-e160325-b §16


外 交

TPPよぴよウメuMe tweets with "TPP"151017-c160408-e §18

伊勢志摩ひサミットLast summit in Ise-Shima for somebody160514-e160529-j §24


宗 教

洗脳人間革命Revolution of brainwashed human beings151212-b160508-b §22


行 政

経済犯産業省The economic criminal Department of Industry151204-a160604-c §25





written by uMe Hasewo by the name of ウメはせを


◇Today's a la carte by genre-Ⅱ


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