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MODEL MINORITY: Emerging as an Asian American
Posted on 01 September 2011
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My illusion was shattered by Connie So, who is a professor at the University of Washington. She teaches Asian American studies and talked with us about the stereotypes of the “typical” Asian American, the kind that Hollywood portrays.
We are the kung fu masters, the guys with really cool samurai swords ― but no one mentions the fact that we don’t get the girl and that we don’t speak English.
Connie revealed the facts of how we are portrayed in the media. Asian women are called lotus blossoms, erotic, yet submissive. Do all girls these days just obey men and look incredibly beautiful? To think that the media is spreading false facts about human beings is just frightening.
When listening to Connie So speak, I was shocked to see how old racist stereotypes are still intact today after the Civil Rights Movement. Have we not been in America long enough to be rightfully recognized?






New UBC course takes on representation of Aboriginals in media
By Katie Hyslop September 1, 2011 02:25 pm 2 comments

When you turn on the evening news or click on a local news site, coverage of Aboriginal people and their communities are not easy to find in the days top stories, and when they are found, factual errors are not uncommon. The University of British Columbia's School of Journalism hopes to change this with the launch of a new course about reporting on Aboriginal people in Canada.



Common Portrayals of Aboriginal People

the portrayals of Native characters―either as primitive, violent and deceptive or else as passive and full of childlike obedience


Part of what made dealing with Asians rather than Europeans
attractive to Asia-Ž rsters was the sense that backward Asians could still be saved under American tutelage.102 Asians were viewed as “barbarian but obedient,” and Asia was thought of as “a region of vast resources and opportunities, populated by dutiful and cringing peoples who followed white leadership.


Nor is the Native ever allowed to tell his or her own story. Most stories are conveyed through the lens of the European experience.


これは難しいところで、 英語圏での議論しているときに、日本の物差しをダイレクトには、使えない。だから、やれ、功利主義がどうだとか、カント主義がどうだとか、いったほうが通じやすい。そういう意味で、彼等の思考の根底にある哲学を知っているというのは有利なわけですけど、それも似合わない服を着せられているような気がしないでもない。

The Indian Princess
The Indian Princess is the Native beauty who is sympathetic enough to the white man's quest to be lured away from her tribe to marry into his culture, and further his mission to civilize her people. "The Indian princess is strictly a European concept," writes Native American Joseph Riverwind. "The nations of this country never had a concept of royalty. We do not have kings, queens or princesses."

Gail Guthrie Valaskakis, director of research for Canada's Aboriginal Healing Foundation, agrees. In a 2000 exhibit called Indian Princesses and Cowgirls―Stereotypes from the Frontier, Valaskakis and Marilyn Burgess traced the use of the Indian Princess, from romanticized paintings intended to represent an "exotic, beautiful and dangerous New World" to gratuitous brand labels on fruit cans and cigar boxes. None of these women, says Valaskakis, remotely resemble the "powerful, competent, articulate" women she grew up with on her reserve in Wisconsin.

The Native Warrior
Surely one of the most widely used stereotypes in cinematographic history, the Native Warrior is fierce and formidable and a threat to civilized society. Bare-chested and brandishing a war lance, this warrior is the epitome of the savagery that must be courageously overcome by "progressive elements" pushing West. A more recent incarnation is the romanticized (and eroticized) figure of the strong silent brave flashing, as journalist Paul Gessell notes, "a lot of skin, [and] looking for some White woman to ravish."

These images appear in many forms and in surprising places. In his photo exhibit Scouting/For Indians, 1992-2000, Jeff Thomas, from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, captured images of the Warrior in forms ranging from historical statuary, and coats of arms carved on the walls of Ottawa banks and office buildings, to contemporary book covers. Thomas says he took these photographs to raise awareness of the often unconscious "demonization and eroticization" of Indians.

The Noble Savage
In an effort to redress past wrongs, there has been an increase in another time-honoured romantic stereotype -- the mythic Noble Savage. Elevated to a sphere of goodness unreachable by those in contaminated white society and usually possessing some spiritual connection to the land, the Noble Savage (who American academic Rennard Strickland calls "the first ecologist") communes in a cloud of mysticism and places no value on material possessions. Not even the popular Thunderheart avoids the romantic brush. "That movie says that every time you get half a dozen Native people in a room, you can get a prophecy or a vision," says Canadian Cayuga actor Gary Farmer.



When she is included, it is most often as a "sexual savage" (who cannot be tamed and must therefore be degraded and eventually conquered)

で、先住民の女性は性的に野蛮人と表象される、と。これ、日本に移し替えると日本人女性=Yellow Cabなわけです。



"White people create the dominant images of the world, and don’t quite see that they thus construct the world in their image."

Richard Dyer



most protagonists (86 per cent) were white males

non-white males were portrayed in stereotypical ways―seven out of ten Asian characters as fighters, and eight out of ten African-Americans as sports competitors

nearly nine out of ten African-American females were victims of violence (twice the rate of white females)

79 per cent of African-American males were shown as verbally and physically aggressive, compared to 57 per cent of white males

Ethnic and Visible Minorities in Entertainment Media




More Britons face questions over links to Utøya killer Anders Breivik
Names emerged from interviews with Breivik and English anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray, say Norwegian police

Matthew Taylor
guardian.co.uk, Thursday 1 September 2011

Norwegian police say they are to question several British citizens in their search for potential accomplices of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.

Officers in Oslo said the names of individuals and several far-right groups emerged from questioning of British anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray as well as further interviews with Breivik.


Is Britain burning with racism and economic inequality?
September 1, 2011

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by Colin Benjamin


There is one more outrage to address here: mainstream media’s failure. This uprising is instructive in its similarities to the underclass uprisings that happened in America during the ‘60s. They all stemmed from the same socio-political problems: economic inequality, institutional racism and police harassment.


Why isn’t the BBC telling us how 333 Blacks were killed in police custody since 1998, without a single conviction?


Deaths in police custody since 1998: 333; officers convicted: none
IPCC study finds failure in care of vulnerable prisoners – and says juries are unwilling to convict police officers

Caroline Davies
The Guardian, Friday 3 December 2010

Out of the total of 333 deaths, 87 people had been restrained, most commonly being physically held down by officers. In 16 of those cases, restraint was linked directly to the death, and four were classed as "positional asphyxia".

The majority were from natural causes, with nearly three-quarters relating to drug or alcohol abuse.
Those who died in custody were mostly white (75%), male (90%) and aged between 25 and 44.


SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 · 2:17 PM

Houston Man Says He Endured Open, Violent Racism At Workplace

“He (an employee) came to me and put his arm around my neck and began singing a song an old song like, ‘How you kill a n***a? We kill n***s, we slice their necks and split their belly and let the guts hang out.’ It brought tears to my eyes. I’m getting talked to like this as work, why are you talking to me like this?”

But he says the worst was yet to come.

A supervisor confronted him in a warehouse on Aug. 13. Jackson says the supervisor was angry with him for wearing his (supervisor’s) protective gear.

“So I was standing up and he jumped behind me and put a knife to my neck and threatened to kill me and said, ‘N***a, what you gon do about it?’ I said man, let me go, let me go and other employees standing around said, y’all on camera stop it.”


SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 · 2:05 PM

Texas Fire Department Accused Of Racism

There are allegations of ongoing racism within the Selma Fire Department, according to one firefighter who said he quit because it was so bad.

Matt Carr said there were numerous uses of the N-word among fire department brass, along with derogatory names for Hispanics.


News investigation Scandal of the 'tomato slaves' harvesting crop exported to UK
Andrew Wasley

1st September, 2011

Across Italy an invisible army of migrant workers harvests tomatoes destined for our dinner plates. Paid poverty wages and living in squalor, medical charities have described conditions as 'hell'. Andrew Wasley reports from Basilicata, southern Italy
In the parched countryside outside the town of Venosa, in Basilicata, southern Italy, along a rough track fifteen minutes' drive from the nearest road, you come to a series of ruined farmhouses. Overgrown and run down, the brickwork crumbling, and surrounded by the detritus of poverty – rubbish, abandoned water butts, washing draped out of windows, dogs roaming – at first glance it's difficult to believe anyone lives here.

The slums are in fact home to several hundred migrant workers about to harvest the region's abundant tomato crop. Every August, thousands of itinerants, mostly from Africa, some from Eastern Europe, descend on southern Italy to scratch a living picking tomatoes that will eventually be processed and exported across Europe – including to the UK – to be sold in tins, or as pastes, purees or passatas, or used as an ingredient in other food products.

But an Ecologist investigation has revealed how the lucrative trade is blighted by exploitation and abuse: workers – some of them illegal immigrants – are forced to toil for up to 14 hours a day picking tomatoes in harsh conditions for meagre wages, frequently under the control of a network of gangmasters who make excessive deductions or charge inflated rates for transport, accommodation, food and other 'services'. Those complaining can face violence and intimidation.

Workers frequently live in appalling squalor: home is often a derelict building without power or any form of effective sanitation. As many as thirty people can be crammed into a single, filthy, one floor house. Healthcare is virtually non-existent and contact with the outside world minimal.

So bad are the living and working conditions endured by the migrants that campaigners have dubbed them 'Europe's tomato slaves'.

これはイタリアのトマト畑での移民(”黒人”東ヨーロッパ人)の搾取 トマト奴隷である、と。

(サワー・ストロベリーズ )

Controversial Dutch Novel About Jewish Man In Search Of “Real Negro Women” Getting Film Treatment

His mother is a lawyer and his father is a well known television presenter. He has a girlfriend named Naomi and they both live in the posh district Amsterdam South, where ‘only decent people’ live. The word ‘decent people’, which is also the title of the novel, refers to people who are not ‘allochtonen’ and especially not Moroccans. ‘Allochtonen’ is the Dutch word for non-western foreigners. But, as IDTV wrote in the synopsis, “David discovers he has a craving for black beauties with huge boobs and bum from the suburbs. He dumps his girlfriend and sets out on a quest for his dream, drops out of college and woman.

オランダ 論争の多い小説の映画化。

From Wikipedia,

Racial Profiling Allegations Against Anniston Police

ANNISTON, Ala (WIAT) - An Anniston City Council member is launching accusations of racial profiling against his city's own police officers.

Councilman Benjamin Little says a 17-year veteran of the department came to him with the information. Little claims that officer, who has not been identified, says other officers routinely discriminate against minorities. The councilman says the officer resigned as a result.

Glen Ray, who is black, says he son was arrested on what he considers bogus charges. He says the arresting officers used racial slurs and threatened violence during the arrest.

Little says that officers resignation came after he became fed up with what he considers a racist culture in the department. Little is asking the FBI to investigate.

Meanwhile a group of residents showed up to Little's press conference Thursday to show support of police.

レイシャルプロファイリング ”黒人”の側は人種プロファイリングだああ、警察は否定し、それを支持する住民も、

SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 · 2:14 PM

Massachusetts Moms Say School Rule Hurts Whites


6-year-old kids handcuffed in class
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Published: 02 September, 2011,

A lawsuit out of Chicago, Illinois alleges that several 6- and 7-year-old students at a city public school were handcuffed and threatened for hours all for talking during their first grade class.

First-grader handcuffed for 'talking in class'

By Joel Hood
Chicago Tribune
Wed, 08/31/2011 - 10:14am

CHICAGO -- The attorney for a family suing Chicago Public Schools over the alleged handcuffing of a first-grader in 2010 said Tuesday the boy was among several 6- and 7-year-olds who were detained and handcuffed for hours for talking in class



9/11 causes cancer
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Published: 02 September, 201

It took a decade, but doctors are now confirming that firefighters that responded to Ground Zero during the September 11 terrorist attacks have a higher risk of getting cancer.

9/11 firefighters have higher cancer risk
Rates of cancers of all kinds 19 percent higher among those exposed
By Julie Steenhuysen

updated 9/1/2011 8:03:31 PM ET

CHICAGO ― Male firefighters who were exposed to toxic dust and smoke from the 9/11 attacks on New York's World Trade Center have a 19 percent higher risk of getting cancer of all kinds than colleagues who were not exposed, U.S. researchers said Thursday


Man faces life in prison for filming cops
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Published: 02 September, 2011

When cops in Illinois started inspecting Michael Allison’s vehicles parked on his mom’s property, he turned on his camera while he went to see what the hubbub was about.
When cops in Illinois started inspecting Michael Allison’s vehicles parked on his mom’s property, he turned on his camera while he went to see what the hubbub was about. That didn’t put that happy of a face on the police officer, and now Allison is facing 75 years in prison for hitting “record.”
Authorities have charged Allison, 42, with five counts of eavesdropping, each with a maximum of 15 years in prison. He is looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars because the state is applying an archaic law to modern technology to keep citizens from snooping around cops.

Illinois Man, Michael Allison, Facing Life for Recording Police
September 01, 2011 02:45 PM EDT
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The state of Illinois wants to prosecute resident Michael Allison for videotaping police officers on duty, which could result in him going to jail for the rest of his life.

Couldn't happen in America, you say? Well, apparently, the state has some of the toughest eavesdropping laws on the books, and if prosecutors go after the 41-year-old mechanic, they could charge him with wiretapping, according to Infowars.com.

It is a complete hoax that average citizens aren't allowed to tape the police in public. Judge after judge has ruled that is legal to tape officers while they are on duty. After all, aren't police supposed to be public servants, considering they are paid with tax dollars?

Each of the five wiretapping counts carries four to 15 years in prison, so the maximum he could receive is a whopping 75 years.

"If we don't fight for our freedoms here at home we're all going to lose them." Allison said.


DA causing rape hysteria with witch hunt in Maine
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Published: 01 September, 2011

Without any physical evidence of a sexual assault, Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellettt crusaded against Vladek Filler and had him arrested and charged with rape and assault.


“American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition” --Judge Edith Jones, U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
“We are not going to forget here about Thomas James Ball. We are not forgetting about Vladek Filler. They're more and more sort of iconic men beginning to emerge in this culture that represent the problems with the system.



ニフコJapan Timesの有道ブログで酷評されていた方ですね。



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