McCurry (guardian) is a blatant liar

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McCurry is talking about Korean comfort women here.

Let me note first that the Korean victims' testimonies were produced many years later after the war. Therefore, to quote from True Stories of the Korean Comfort Women

many can faintly remember the sufferings they endured.


1)Yoshimi 吉見 従軍慰安婦


2 朝鮮からの場合

2)Hata 秦 郁彦 慰安婦と戦場の性(p192)


3)Park Yuha

When I examined the initial testimonies of former Korean comfort women, none of them claimed she was coerced by the Japanese military. The majority of the Korean women were sold by their fathers to the comfort station owners. Some Korean women were recruited on false pretenses by the Korean comfort station owners. Other Korean women were in the world's oldest profession, and they did volunteer to earn good money.

4)Sarah Soh

According to San Francisco State Professor Sarah Soh (author of the book The Comfort Women), women initially offered various explanations for working at comfort stations, such as supporting their families economically or escaping overbearing parents. Some women suffered abuse; others experienced more supportive conditions. Soh argues that all the women should freely share their experiences, without pressure to conform to the nationalist, anti-Japan narrative. She gives voice to the many types of comfort women, including the 61 who accepted the 1994 Asian Women’s Fund and were therefore branded traitors by activists.

5)Yuki Tanaka Japan's Comfort Women

most ”recruiting" seems to have been done by local Korean sub-contractor....
The most common expedient used in Korea was deceit --false promise of employment in Japan or in other Japanese occupied territories.(p38)

6)ATIS Research Reports No. 120 Amenities in the Japanese Armed Force, Nov. 15, 1945,

The contract they signed bound them to Army regulations and to war for the "house master " for a period of from six months to a year depending on the family debt for which they were advanced




”The story of the comfort women has often been distorted by Japan’s former adversaries ”

Don't assume McCurry(guardian) is reading Japanese newspaper.

McCurry does not report the reality of Okinawa


David McNeill doesn't fact-check comfort women issue while he let the U.S. military get away

McCurry's interpretation is difficult to justify,

Justin Mccurry lied again.

Economist has no idea about what has been happening between Japan and Korea.

Does Sharia hark back to the previous militarism?

Justin McCurry (Guardian) lied again.

Fact-checking Justin McCurry's biased article.

American town was a cage where Korean women were enslaved to pay off debt

Japanese military didn't have to force Korea women into sex slavery.

McCurry just picks up the speech out of context from Ishiguro that he wants to hear

Books, articles ... focus on whatever is most extreme and bizarre in Japanese life

It is strange South Korea didn't invite Ex-South Korean 'comfort women' for U.S. troops. No? Justin?

Vietnamese women raped in wartime by S.Korean soldiers seek justice

S. Korea's Sex Ed Guidelines Suggest Victims Are To Blame For Date Rape

Korean women-South or Norht- forced to perform sexy dance for top officials.

What can you expect from Justin McCurry ?

Is Justin McCurry not ashamed of UK pig farms?

Must-Watch : How reliable is your memory?

The Guardian's shameful silence on Korean Sex Slavery for U.S. military

Korean sex "slaves" are like Irish "slaves". NYT is like a Japanese nationalist

Just like Korean women during the war, poverty forces the girls to sell their bodies for sex

By Glorifying Churchill, Britain Is Committing New Crimes Against India

Western media should be ashamed of sending these Racist Sexpat Journalists to Asia

Foreign Correspondents club of Japan considers #MeToo movement not newsworthy

Look at how White American journalists cover the acid attack differently
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