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This covers the basic techniques but of course there are a lot of special details involved in getting just the part you’re looking for. To find out more information about what we can do for you or to get a quotation, contact us today and talk to our manufacturing experts.India is truly a large and diverse country. There are over 22 states, each with a cuisine that is similar to, yet, noticeably different from its neighbour.

In some cases, the same dish has different interpretations in different states. The street food of each state faithfully mirrors this diversity. If the streets of Lucknow offer tantalizing kebabs, the lanes of Delhi present their own interpretation. If the roads of Bombay give you Pani Puri, the by lanes of Kolkata give you their version called 'puchkas'. These days, Street Food in India is not confined to Indian cuisine alone. You can get Chinese, Continental and even Thai food, which have, of course, been suitably "Indianised" to suit the local palate.

Usually, every major Indian city has a "Khau Galli" which literally means the "Food Street"; some even have more than three!The mould is then opened and the component extracted, and then the entire process repeats itself. High production rates can be achieved and complex shapes with inserts, threads, holes, etc. produced; sizes range from about 10 g to 25 kg in weight. Typical products are beer or milk PP Bottle crates, toys,

Lesser mortals can also choose to cool down the spice factor with a liberal drizzle of yoghurt. While chaat is more of a generic nomenclature and a wide variety of dishes come under its umbrella. Keep this ready reckoner handy when you choose your chaat dishes.Bhel Puri - a potpourri of puffed rice, roasted lentils and deep-fried gram flour noodles(Sev) tossed in spicy green chutney and tangy sweet sour sauce and seasoned with minced onions, raw mango(during the mango season) and fresh cilantro.

Bhaji - This literally means bread (Pau) and vegetables (Bhaji) and was born on the streets of Mumbai. Its fame spread far and wide and very soon it made its way to Khau Gallis around the country with as many interpretations as there are Gallis. Pau Bhaji is a meal by itself because it consists of a spicy gravy of mixed vegetables seasoned with generous dollops of butter on a huge iron griddle and served with special bread that is also toasted on this griddle.
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