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2017年10月17日 | 英語の本を読む

Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。
She walked back through the big room that ran the length of the first floor. In the living room section there was a pair of overstuffed couches, their upholstery clawed by long-dead cats, and another table for playing cards or board games. The bookshelves were full of law journals and stained, water-bloated paperbacks--the romances and Agatha Christie books her grandmother had favored, the westerns and mysteries her grandfather had loved--and a mounted deer’s head hung over the fireplace in the middle. Past the great room was a porch that stood under a deep awning and was lined with lounge chairs, a glider for two, and little wicker tables. Out past the porch was the sea, with white-curdled waves rolling gently over the sand.
エンジンの無い飛行機の "glider" は子供の頃長野県の霧ケ峰で見たことがあるだけですが、家のポーチにある "glider" はどう考えても飛ぶような代物ではないですね。辞書を見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: A long swinging seat suspended from a frame in a porch.: She flopped back down into the glider, setting it swinging wildly for a moment.
・Cambridge English Dictionary:
a) US a seat for one or two people that swings backwards and forwards, usually used on a porch (= a raised, covered area outside at the front or side of a house)
b) a children's swing (= a hanging seat on which you can move backwards and forwards) for two people

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