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2017年10月13日 | 英語の本を読む

Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。
With neighbors calling hellos and a pleasant afternoon awaiting her--Milo would nap, or read, or play with his Legos, and Gary would zone out in front of the television set with his laptop, leaving Diana with a few hours for a long run and a soak in the tub--she would think, happily, even a little smugly, that she’d gotten exactly the life she’d wanted: the husband, the child, the nest that she was in the process of feathering. On the best days, it would be enough to quiet the teasing, drawling voice in her head, the voice that sounded a lot like her sister saying that Gary was the tiniest bit stupid and boring to boot, that Gary, with his love for video games and YouTube videos, wasn’t the right man for her; that he was maybe not much of a man at all.
"the nest that she was in the process of feathering" の個所ですが、"nest" を "feathering" ですから、鳥が羽毛で巣を整えるように、家あるいは家庭を育てる解釈ができますが、辞書で "feather" の項を見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Make money illicitly and at someone else's expense.: They are in this line of work to feather their own nest.
・Collins Dictionary: If you say that someone is feathering their nest, you mean that they are getting a lot of money out of something, so that they can lead a comfortable life.: Mary's much more interested in doing things for other people than feathering her own nest.
・Wiktionary: To achieve benefits, especially financial ones, by taking advantage of the opportunities with which one is presented; to amass a comfortable amount of personal wealth.: Dempster must have feathered his nest pretty well; he can afford to lose a little business.
引用文の文脈ではお金を稼ぐ意味ではなさそうですが、"feather one's (own) nest" は覚えることにしよう。

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