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2017年12月05日 | 英語の本を読む

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparksは読み終えましたが、巻末に短編のおまけが付いていて、そこにも中々しゃれている表現がありました。
True, there were dozens of things she knew she should be doing at home. The bathroom should have been wallpapered and updated by now, the nail holes in her walls needed to be spackled, and the rest of the apartment could use some touch-up painting as well. A couple of months ago she had bought the wallpaper and some paint, towel rods and door handles, and a new vanity mirror, as well as all the tools she needed to take care of it, but she hadn't even opened the boxes yet. It was always something to do next weekend, though the weekends were often just as busy as her workdays.
昨日取り上げた "quiet confidence" はNicholas Sparksの独自の表現の様ですが、上の "vanity mirror" は辞書にも出ていそうな表現のように思えます。辞書を見てみます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: A small mirror used for applying makeup, especially one fitted in a visor of a motor vehicle.: She was sitting in front of her vanity mirror applying make-up when I walked in to the room.
・Collins Dictionary: a small mirror contained in the sun visor of a car: She had nothing to do with the stolen watch, but in her purse was a vanity mirror for which Woolworths had never received payment.
上の小説の中の "vanity mirror" は車の中の話ではありませんが、一般的には車のsun visorに埋め込まれている鏡を指しているのですね。

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