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double passwords

2018年09月11日 | 英単語
George OrwellのHomage to Cataloniaを読んでいます。
The difficult passwords which the army was using at this time were a minor source of danger. They were those tiresome double passwords in which one word has to be answered by another. Usually they were of an elevating and revolutionary nature, such as Cultura--progreso, or Seremos--invencibles, and it was often impossible to get illiterate sentries to remember these 'highfalutin’ words. One night, I remember, the password was Cataluna--eroica, and a moonfaced peasant lad named Jaime Domenech approached me, greatly puzzled, and asked me to explain.

‘Eroica--what does eroica mean?’

I told him that it meant the same as valiente. A little while later he was stumbling up the trench in the darkness, and the sentry challenged him:

‘Alto! Cataluna!’

‘Valiente!’ yelled Jaime, certain that he was saying the right thing.


However, the sentry missed him. In this war everyone always did miss everyone else, when it was humanly possible.
合言葉を "double passwords" と表せるのですね。インターネットでも最近秘密の言葉を尋ねるセキュリティの仕組みがありますが、それもまさに "double passwords" ですね。

"highfalutin" は既に二度 7/4/20084/8/2010に取り上げました。
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