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2017年11月17日 | 英語の本を読む
The Art of Fear by Irene Barrallも図書館の多読コーナーにあった本です。
The day it all started, I was sitting with my feet on the desk reading the newspaper. The window was open, and the room was filled with the smell of flowers from the balcony below my office. My name's Mark Winters and I'm a P.I., a paranormal investigator. In many ways it's a job similar to being a private investigator, except my clients don't hire me to follow people; instead they want me to explain events they believed are supernatural.
取り上げるのは "paranormal" ですが、この後に "supernatural" が出てくるので "paranormal investigator" は超常現象を調べる探偵の意味だと思います。辞書で "paranormal" をどの様に説明しているか見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.: a mystic who can prove he has paranormal powers
・Collins Dictionary: A paranormal event or power, for example the appearance of a ghost, cannot be explained by scientific laws and is thought to involve strange, unknown forces.: A paranormal investigator tries to find a rational explanation for a series of Biblical plagues.
・Cambridge English Dictionary: impossible to explain by known natural forces or by science: This book is about people who claim to have paranormal abilities such as ESP and mind reading.
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