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2017年12月06日 | 英語の本を読む

Reader's Digest 10月号の記事 '7 Times The Airline Likely Owes You Money' からの抜粋です。
You're Bumped From a Flight
By law, your carrier has to make it up to you, and the rules are very specific. Assuming the airline doen't get you to know destination within an hour of your original arrival time, you're entitled to double the one-year fare, up to $675, according to Department of Transportation regulations.
"Bumped" の意味は文脈から分かりますが、航空会社のオーバーブッキングで乗船できなくなる事に使う単語とは知りませんでした。一応辞書で確認します。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Refuse (a passenger) a reserved place on a flight because of deliberate overbooking by the airline.: if you check in on time and are bumped, you will be entitled to a full refund
・Wiktionary: To move (a booked passenger) to a later flight because of earlier delays or cancellations.: Easyjet said the compensation package for passengers bumped off flights was 'probably the most flawed piece of European legislation in recent years'...

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