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lend itself to

2012年01月06日 | 英語学習
The rugged enclosure with integrated castors and retractable handle lends itself to easy transportation to and from site.
"lends itself to" は慣用句の様です。意味を辞書で調べます。
・Dictionary.com: Adapt to, be suitable for. For example, The Bible lends itself to numerous interpretations , or This plot of land lends itself to a variety of uses.
・Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms: to be good for a particular use It was surprising how well her book lent itself to being turned into a film.
・Collins English Dictionary: If something lends itself to something else, it is suitable for that thing or can be considered in that way: The novel's complex, imaginative style does not lend itself to translation.
辞書によっては "lends itself to" ではなく、次ぎの辞書のように "lends oneself to" の慣用句として取り上げています。
・WordNetR 3.0: be applicable to; as to an analysis; "This theory lends itself well to our new data"
しかし、意味からして "lends itself to" で使う場合が多いのでしょう。