You have your own aromatic

You have your own aromatic

That night the moon people??

2013-12-06 12:25:14 | Experience

Listen to a piece of music, it put the ear filled. Drunk a mad song, indulge myself.

I want to ride the wind chasing the moon, the moon wind sneaked into the night. I was a meteor in the sky, just at the moment is hidden to his body, and then fell into the earth, and bright as the moon has the distance across the mountains. The wind, flowers, and red shift, a poly left, many more sad cloud Zen. But, send Acacia away, forget themselves in the rivers and lakesLocal Express.

That night, drunk.

I was in a dream not to stop calling your name, see the meteor between semi drunk. I know that meteor will never return to the sky to fly, take one's ease. Moon the moon, you will think that a fleeting meteor, that to make you look and fell to the ground stone, the stone burning heart......

That night, the night sky forever if you eyesCanadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration.

The dark, dotted with stars is always my thoughts, I fell to the ground in a for eternity, always in the sky, accompanied by the ancient month. Dear, you are not alone, because there are so many stars to accompany you; dear, you are happy, because there will always be people who look at you; dear, you have to be happy, don't let me worry about you in the world.

That night, the night cold waterpolo shirts for men.

The North night, cold winter night, always feel cold. Through the half drunk wine, with fresh eyes, with half of the month, with acacia sacrifice. Like China, the green, the most beautiful time is life. The life that once, not to meet, not for you, do not seek help, just ask for meeting in the most beautiful years. However, met, and the one miss?

That night, I go in the days of old.

Mature, always in the moment. People say, maturity is a moment, I have not found so for an instant, my sudden mature. Just remember that moment, have so a day, night, with a hangover suddenly the old me. Although, face still green, but the heart already pessimism. Who took the water Hua year, who took the most sincere heart, who hands of hope, and leave it in the street, you leave a person?

That night, I set myself free.

A lot of things, buried in a corner of the bottom of my heart, let it go moldy, gradually in the continuous years of corruption, and even into a cup of wine, inadvertently let myself fall would never rise again. Some things, but in a moment, once out of the heart of the vigorous, vigorous and becomes a kind of power, restore their strength. The burden is the heart tired, will eventually become kept power, a body relaxed to travel.

That night, I believe one day I go back to salvation.

Someday, I will go to redemption, salvation that a return to the quiet soul. In the sleeping soul can not wake up, only to save himself. I only use their own strength, kept crawling or walking, running or, better, let themselves out of the wilderness, but also out of nostalgia for the bustling, go to have a look of that lonely, but also enjoy the tranquility......

Dear, you are there, but I have my own life, not the sea, then forget. If you can not forget, then don't let myself forget......

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