You have your own aromatic

You have your own aromatic

Dreams fall

2014-01-07 11:43:25 | Experience

The cold north wind roared, blowing lost season, dry the miss in the middle of the night, the clock ticking as fleeting, woke up several world of dreams, was swallowed by the darkness a fog of illusion, collapse time in this terrible winter was wandering, pale memory into a light and gone with the wind, silent the ending is like a grain of sand from the fingertips, gently slide, eventually with quiet attitude into the shallow fleeting fashion women clothing wholesale.

Dream bloom, fragrant numerous dark night, the dream of flower, withered flourish and blooming season. Dream dream of autumn, decorated the youth who? Blossom a few spring breeze, warm who years? Dreams and reality is always parallel lines never intersect, two may, we are obsessed with it is that a self life monologueManaged Cloud.

A bundle of joy long heart bloom in the blue sky, standing on tiptoe, with open arms, stepping on the waves, perfect the color of the far-off regions far away into a legend, a Freemasonry love the time frames in a moment forever. If love, is never far away, if the love, will not be tired. As long as Miss, in the sky, in the eyes, in the heart.

Total hope, in a cloud of attitude through the four seasons, gently, a place of love over. Always want to, with a bloom time, collect all the beautiful moments, aromatic not far away.

Four leaf clover in the heart, magical bodhi tree species in the heart. Watch a film opening happiness full of peach, a spotless mind Enron to warm. Time flies into a poem, the wasted years into a line, as long as you still you, I or me, the sky is still empty moon. "Loved informed heavy, thick wine Zuiguo know", once, a simple heart to move, even if only a short stay, at least not regret the past pure state.

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