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We will actively promote the integration of urban and industrial people

2018-01-24 11:16:08 | 日記

The "August eighth strategy" is a concentrated reflection of the germination and practice of xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era in zhejiang province. The 40th anniversary of reform and opening to the outside, "" August 15 anniversary, comrade xi jinping of zhejiang work made important instructions, for a new era of zhejiang unswervingly follow the path of the strategy of" August "guidance, go to making, walk in the forefront, brave best, high level to build a well-off society in an all-round way, high level to promote socialist modernization construction, pointed out the direction and provides spiritual motive. Ruian city has faithfully implemented the "eight-eight strategy", actively carried out development model innovation at the county level, and strived to blaze a new path of integrated development between urban and industrial people, promote high-quality economic development, and further enhance people's sense of happiness and security.

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The integration of industries and cities generates high economic momentum. To promote the high-quality development of the economy, we need to create economic momentum of high efficiency. To this end, we must adhere to the direction of the "eighth and eighth strategies", accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing bases, and take a new road to industrialization. In recent years, we have actively promoted the integration of industries and cities, and constantly generated high-efficiency economic momentum. On the one hand, it promotes the linkage between big platforms and big industries, and promotes "old trees to grow new shoots". For example, binhai hi-tech industrial park is transforming from a land of 10,000 mu to a platform of hundreds of billions of output value. On the other hand, we should promote the linkage between new platforms and new forms of business, promote new technologies, new industries and new models, and guide emerging industrial clusters, such as the digital economy, new energy vehicles, new materials and industrial robots, into the fast lane of development.

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Urban-rural integration seeks a better life with high quality. The people's aspiration for a better life is our goal. Whether it is urban-rural coordination, mountain and ocean cooperation, or ecological priority and green development, the "eighth eight strategy" series of major measures fully reflect the people-centered development idea. To promote urban-rural integration is to enable rural residents to enjoy more convenient public services, urban residents to enjoy a more beautiful ecological environment, and urban and rural areas to jointly share high-quality life. In recent years, we have been actively practicing the concept of "green water, green mountain" and "golden mountain and silver mountain". In 2017, we won the first batch of civilized cities at the county level. Efforts should be made to build a beautiful county, promote the organic renewal of old cities and the development of new urban areas in an orderly way, carry out the renovation and upgrading of 12 main roads in an orderly manner, and plan and build binhai new district and jiangnan new district in a high standard. Currently, national garden city and national forest city are being established. At the same time, we will vigorously implement the rural revitalization strategy, continuously encrypt the highway, railway and other comprehensive transportation networks, and the "four good roads" in rural areas have been fully covered.

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The integration of people and cities creates a high-level humanistic space. The "eight-eight strategy" led zhejiang to speed up the construction of a large province of culture, to create an influential cultural highland and a cultural highland, and significantly enhanced the cultural soft power. Culture is the soul of a city. Ryan is a county recognized by the United Nations as millennium. pipa records, a famous classical drama, sings the romantic charm of the hometown of Chinese southern opera, and qipu tang river carries the dreams of ancient scholars. Here was born the yongjia school of thought that advocates the practice of practice, trade and trade, and has also walked out of the nearly 560,000 entrepreneurs who have ventured abroad. In recent years, we have vigorously inherited the cultural genes of "thousand-year old county", and actively promoted the construction of three cultural blocks, four cultural towns and ten historic villages. To promote the renovation and improvement of the yuhai historical and cultural district of "land of cultural prosperity" of Ryan, so that people's cultural heritage will be passed on and their homesickness will continue. The world's intangible "wood printing" experience pavilion has become a brilliant name card of Ryan's poetry and painting. At the same time, we will vigorously promote the spirit of daring to try and be the first. We will launch thousands of Swiss alumni and tens of thousands of science and innovation projects in rural areas.

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